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Universal’s Volcano Bay – Water Park

Universal’s Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay™ water park opened in May of 2017, and is the first water park to join the Universal Studios™ Orlando family. It has everything you’d expect from a water park; water slides, lazy rivers, dining options, and more.

Volcano Bay Water Park Schedule

Unlike Universal Orlando’s 2 theme parks, Universal Studios Florida and Universal Islands of Adventure amusement parks, Volcano Bay has quite flexible opening hours depending on the season. During the summer months, for example, you can expect Volcano Bay and to open at 9:00 am and close at 9:00 pm. Water parks are open 12 months a year and during the cold days usually have business hours of 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. If it gets too cold, the park closes down completely. Purchase your Universal Studios and packages with an Orlando vacation home rentals or Universal packages with Orlando hotels.

Volcano Bay™ Attractions

Go inside Krakatau Volcano, the heart of the Volcano Bay. This is a huge volcano that you can even see from the highway. There are some exciting rides, hidden caves, and waterfalls. If you always want to go to a volcano, this is your chance.

Tap to play: Volcano Bay offers each guest a portable Tapu Tapu. This free bracelet keeps you in line, opens a locker without a lock, asks for costs of food, drinks, and souvenirs, and plays interactive games throughout the park. The touch-to-play feature includes controlling the flow of water in Tot Tiki Reef, water cannons that shoot guests splashing in the Kopiko Wai River, illuminating images in the hidden caves of the volcano, and more.

Here are just a few of the most popular.

Krakatau Aqua Coaster volcano bay - Universal Studios Volcano Bay

Krakatau Aqua Coaster

Krakatau is the first of its kind in Florida and shoots the riders up and down through the Volcano Bay™ volcano. This roller coaster pushes and accelerates the boat inspired by canoes as you drive through volcanic waterfalls, splashing water.

Kookiri Body Volcano Bay - Universal Studios Volcano Bay

Ko’okiri Body Plunge

The thrill-seeker will receive a good thrill in the Ko’okiri Body Plunge. These bodies slide towards those who wander at an angle of 70 degrees to the 125-foot slide and end up with a big impact at the end. The ride is also in the Krakatau Volcano and is thought to be in honor to Vol; the Volcano God.

Kopiko Wai Volcano bay - Universal Studios Volcano Bay

Kopiko Wai Winding River

Among the many exciting rides, there are many places to relax and unwind in Volcano Bay™. One of them is the Kopiko Wai Winding River. This slow and winding river takes guests through tropical landscapes while relaxing inside the tube. Guests can also take a break from the sun and rent a cabin, where they can be pampered all day with food and drink.

Kala & Tai Nui - Universal Studios Volcano Bay - Orlando Vacation

Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides

Join Kala and Tai Nui are atop the volcano with trap doors that drop guests down the slides.

Honu Ika Moana Volcano bay - Orlando Vacation

Honu ika Moana

An adventurous, multi-passenger raft ride that will soar across a dual wall.

Ohyah and Ohno Volcano Bay - Orlando vacation

Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides

Two twisting slides that launches guests four to six ft above the water at the end of the slides

Maku Puihi volcano bay - orlando vacation

Puihi of the Maku Puihi Round Raft Rides™

A multi-passenger raft ride that drops guests into darkness before tossing them into a funnel which then launches them into a zero-gravity drop.

Puka Uli - Universal Studios Volcano Bay - Orlando vacation

Laguna Puka Uli

A calm pool where guests can swim and relax.

punga racers - Universal Studios Volcano Bay - Orlando vacation

Punga Racers

Little kids can race through four different enclosed slides on mat.

Runamukka Universal Studios Volcano Bay - Orlando vacation

Runamukka Reef

A three-story water playground inspired by the coral reef overflowing with twisting slides, sprinklers and more.

The reef - Universal Studios Volcano Bay -orlandovacation

The Reef™

A calm leisure pool with exciting views of riders speeding through the Ko’okiri Body Plunge.

Tot Tiki - Universal Studios Volcano Bay - Orlandovacation

Tot Tiki Reef™

A toddler play area with spraying fountains, slides and a kid-size volcano.

TeAwa The Fearless River - Universal Studios Volcano Bay -orlandovacation

TeAwa The Fearless River

The action-packed river for thrill-seekers where guests have to hang tight in their inner tube amidst roaring, whitewater rapids.

Taniwha Tubes - Universal Studios Volcano Bay - orlandovacation

Taniwha Tubes™

The Taniwha Tubes™ are four twisting water slides. Riders can try all four tracks as mischievous tiki statues spray jets of water when you least expect it.

waturi beach Universal Studios Volcano Bay - orlandovacation

Waturi Beach

Swim, splash and relax right amid the breathtaking view and warm waves of Waturi Beach, where the surf overlooks the picturesque Wave Village.

Enjoy the food: it can be surprising to include food in the list of the best activities, but the Volcano Bay™- inspired dishes are amazing! This unique menu includes more than 60 delicious dishes, such as coconut chicken curry, Hawaiian ribs, poke bowl, barbecued beef burgers, and more.

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Volcano Bay Water Park with Toddlers

Choose the suitable rides: Several rides in Volcano Bay™ Water Park that may not be suitable for little children. Volcano Bay™ has many attractions that aren’t too scary.

The Taniwha tube is perfect for 5-year-olds and the queue is usually shorter. Wave Pool is often a favorite and they have free-to-use life jackets.

Fearless River is good even if you keep a tube with your children so they can swim together. The winding Kopiko Wai River is perfect for children who love to travel alone or for those who love lazy rivers. Your five-year-old will learn how to swim and touch the floor of the Kopiko Wai.

Runamukka Reef and Tot Tiki Reef are special play areas for little children. You are a short distance from our headquarters in TeAwa the Fearless River. Children will definitely love to try it.

Volcano Bay Water Park with Special Needs

Wheelchair users can access Maku and Puihi Round Raft Rides and Krakatau Aqua Coaster by lift. Guests arriving by wheelchair can also use wheelchairs to drive to Kopiko Wai Winding, TeAwa Fearless River, Puka Uli Recreation Pool, Karang Recreation Pool, and Waturi Beach. Guests must comply with all driving experience requirements, which means that the driving experience is adequate for the duration of the attraction.

Volcano Bay Water Park while pregnant

Keep in mind that there are long lines for the best rides. So if you are sensitive to standing for long periods of time, you may want to reconsider waiting in line. One walks a lot on concrete (or similar hard surfaces) so if your feet tend to hurt after standing for a period of time, this may not be the best for you. There are artificial beaches where you can relax and restaurants to enj0y. The Lazy River is relaxed (there are two, choose the slowest), you can float or cross with a ring over your head, depending on how heavy your pregnancy is. Even the main Wave Pool on the shallow end cools you down and you gently feel the waves without going too far inside.

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Volcano Bay Water Park Tips

  1. Stay at the Universal Orlando Resort preferably at the Universal Adventure Hotel™ or at the Universal Cabana Bay Beach Park. While all hotel visitors could utilize the official entrance to Volcano Bay in Cabana Bay, it is much easier to access if you stay in Cabana Bay. You will need to present the key to your room. 
  2. Buy multi-day tickets to Universal Orlando Resort Park-to-Park theme tickets which include Volcano Bay Water Park, or consider buying a Volcano Bay™ Express Water Park Pass if you have just a single day. We truly believe that the ideal way to enjoy Volcano Bay Water Park is to do it for several days. Going to the park is easy in Universal, particularly if you are staying at a local hotel and have an older child. Having longer summer Park hours, there is no problem visiting the three parks each day. At a 3-day visit, we will schedule certain days at the Volcano Bay Water Park. We spent two days between both Universal Studios™ Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure™ then we jumped into the theme water park for several hours during the night.
  3. Create a Universal™ account and connect a credit card when you want to use Tap to pay from TapuTapu before entering the park. They feel very easy to drink, eat and happy and even rent cabinets if the credit card has already been connected to your bank account.
  4. Arrive before the park opens, specifically, if you love to ride a ride. I can’t get stressed enough. When the water raises, especially the sensations, it has priority, you must first hit it. First, we went with the Krakatau Aqua Roller Coaster ride, then with Ko’kiri Body Plungeride and the Kala and the Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides.
  5. Let just a single person visit the locker area. It’s a highly recommended amusement park, but the whole family does not need to float around the lockers. Make it much easier for everyone (including you) and let everything disappear from the group members.
  6. Place the locker far away from the park entrance. When you love to stay away from most traffic jams, continue as soon as you get into the theme park in a far locker location.
  7. Choose your own spot. If you don’t want to rent a premium seat or a cabin, first arrivals are another big advantage: you can choose a first-class seat with your seat. Volcano Bay™ offers exceptional seating around attractions and walks. If you bring a younger child, you can park it in the smaller and cozy pool of the Puka Uli lagoon Water pool. For adults or older children, you can’t take Waturi Beach.
  8. Plan a hike in Ko’kiri Body Plunge and Tai Nui and Kala Serpentine body slides. The three park rides are located at the summit of a 200-foot Krakatau Volcano. It seems that at least it duplicates your steps compared to the rest of the park. After all, this is Orlando Florida’s highest peak! It’s unfortunate TapuTapu doesn’t take count of your steps!
  9. Pay attention if you fear heights and claustrophobia. We have mentioned the altitude, but for those who are worried about the reduced space, you may like to skip this slide with the trapdoor (and there exist clear sections so you could see what’s underneath).
  10. 10.Make sure you have a strong swimmer if you want to do Ohyah Drop and the Ohno Drop slides. Two slides of this body are submerged in the deep pool of up to 10 feet!
  11. 11.Volcano Bay™ doesn’t offer free towels. Take it if you don’t like to rent it (it costs USD 4.99).

Food & Refreshments

Wave Village

Kohola Reef Restaurant & Social Club

This restaurant is located at the base of the majestic Krakatau volcano. Here you can try island favorites like the tangy Mango BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwiches, a veggie option I am excited about- the Quinoa Edamame Burger or crunchy Coconut Crusted Fried Chicken.

Dancing Dragons Boat Bar

A cool bar set in the sand and shaped like an outrigger canoe serving tropical cocktails and frozen drinks.

River Village

Whakawaiwai Eats

An easy crowd-pleaser this cafe serves up tasty pizzas and salads alongside the river. Try the Savor Island BBQ Chicken Pizza, Tropical Baby Greens Salad, Hawaiian Pizza, or one of their tempting treats.

Rainforest Village


Take a break from the sun and head into this cool, shaded hideaway offering quick bites such as the Reka Burger, Pretzel Dog, or the Tropical Fruit Salad.

The Feasting Frog

Lounge on the patio of this quirky tropical frog-shaped structure while you dine on Poke or Plantain Chips and Guac while enjoying a refreshing beverage.

Kunuku Boat Bar

Enjoy a delicious cocktail at this landlocked canoe-shaped bar. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Toasted Coconut Pineapple cocktail, a delicious mix of toasted coconut rum and fresh pineapple juice.

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