Blue Man Group

About Blue Man Group

Dare to live in color when Blue Man Group completes Universal Orlando Resort with amazing drums, comedy, live music and amazing theater! This performance takes place in a small and intimate environment, but the show itself is bigger than life. Regardless of whether you are in the front row of the "flash zone" or behind the theater, there are no bad seats at home for this one-hour and 45-minute show. Guests can expect a combination of several elements and actions: from the exciting part of the percussion in which the blue men make music, from the drums to the flute to unexpected comedy moments, the audience is easy from the beginning paint splatter splash from the drum to the end.

This amazing Orlando attraction will blow your mind, shake your world and free your mind. Some happy viewers have even become part of the show. But don't worry: if you're not one of the lucky few, everyone can join at the end of the event if the entire audience receives instructions on how to go crazy at a rock concert, followed by a dance party with giant balls falling from the ceiling and music. which can produce beat from even the most uncoordinated shake. Attend a dance party that will alter your world and free your spirit!

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Blue Man Group - TRIO Neon Dancer Siren


Blue Man Group enlightens your mind with humor. Wake up your imagination with curiosity. And move your body with music. Enjoy an impressive view of light, color and pure energy on a night full of fun that you will never forget. Blue Man Group is a theater, a comedy, a dance party and a rock concert in one. This very popular phenomenon provides an unforgettable multi-sensory experience. This is quite an extraordinary nights of entertainment that you shall never forget. Do not miss the show that has attracted thirty five million people worldwide. Blue Man Group: a cure for boredom, monotonous enemy, an engine of happiness and joy.

Unforgettable entertainment: live percussion music, audience participation and scandalous accessories ensure an unsurpassed multi-sensory experience.

Joy for the family: Whether you intensify your vacation or celebrate special events, Blue Man Group will fascinate and delight both adults and children in your group.

Increase the fun with additional experience. Look behind the scenes and discover the world of Blue Man Group.

Jam Band Experience: Meet the Blue Man Group members and participate in a jam session with special percussion instruments. This 20-minute experience can be added to the show ticket for up to four people.

Show + VIP Experience: One hour before the show, you get an exclusive theatrical performance behind the scenes and you can play the instruments of the Blue Man Group. You will also have a seat with poncho for the show, popcorn and drinks, private meetings with blue men and more.

VIP experience add-on: do you already have a ticket for the show? The VIP experience can be added to tickets for the Orlando Blue Man Group show, subject to availability.