Universal Orlando: Overlooked Attractions

Since most guests visit Universal Studios for only one or two days, they tend to focus on the larger, better known attractions. If you have the time, many of Universal’s smaller attractions are a lot of fun.

Below we have compiled a list of lesser known or overlooked attractions at both Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Please note, in an effort to continually to upgrade their theme park Universal Studios changes rides and shows. Since the list below is of lesser known attractions some of these shows may no longer exists so it is important to get an updated theme park map once you arrive at Universal Studios.

Universal Studios Theme Park

Blues Brothers Show - This high energy show featuring Jake and Elwood Blues is performed on a street corner across from Revenge of the Mummy. Shows take place throughout the day and change from one performance to the next. Most guests catch this one simply by happening by, but it is well worth putting on your must-see list.

Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue - Many guests skip this show as they have no idea what to expect. Featuring several legendary horror movie monsters in a high energy rock and roll show hosted by Beetlejuice, the show is funny, irreverent, and not to be missed. Enjoy the classic rock songs with a twist. Catch this show at night if at all possible.

DeLancey Street Preview Center - How would you like the chance to help determine the fate of network television? At the Preview Center, you will have the opportunity to preview new TV shows and record your opinions about them. Viewers are generally compensated for their time.

Universal Horror Makeup Show - Ever wonder how they do some of the really cool special effects makeup for horror movies? The Universal Horror Makeup Show takes you behind the scenes to find out for yourself. The show is both funny and informative, and should rank high on your list of must-see attractions.

Lucy - A Tribute - This walkthrough attraction is a must-see for any Lucille Ball fan. View costumes, props, and scripts from the classic television show.

Curious George Ball Room - If you don’t have children, you may want to skip much of Woody Woodpecker KidZone. However, the Ball Room is great fun for all ages. A giant room of Nerf balls and cannons with which to shoot them at your friends makes for a great way to spend some time.

Islands of Adventure

Jurassic Park Discovery Center - Most guests visit the Jurassic Park area of the park to ride the high thrill Jurassic Park River Adventure. However, many pass right by the Discovery Center without realizing that it is open to the public. For those with a scientific interest in dinosaurs, the Discovery Center will prove fascinating. Witness the birth of a baby dinosaur or simply wander through, enjoying the interactive exhibits.

Flying Unicorn - Although billed as a “kiddie coaster,” the Flying Unicorn is surprisingly fun for all ages. The ride is short, but is steep and fast. There is not usually much of a line, so be sure to stop in on your way to or from Dueling Dragons.

Poseidon’s Fury - This Lost Continent walkthrough attraction is easy to miss. Missing it, however, would be a loss. Accompanied by your “fearless” tour guide, you will suddenly find yourself in the midst of an epic battle between good and evil. This attraction is highly worthwhile simply for the spinning water vortex.

Mythos Restaurant - Although not technically an “attraction,” this exquisitely themed restaurant has won the Best Theme Park Restaurant in the World award for many years running. Appearing as if it is has been carved out of a naturally occurring cave, Mythos must be seen to be believed. Walk through and take a look even if you do not plan to eat.

The Cat in the Hat - Some adults without children may feel that Seuss Landing holds no particular appeal. Skipping this land, however, would mean skipping one of the most technologically advanced rides in the park. Modeled as a classic dark ride, The Cat in the Hat uses advances in modern technology to create a truly new and different twist on the theme. Do not ride immediately after lunch if you are prone to motion sickness!

Universal Orlando is packed to the rafters with exciting rides and thrilling shows and attractions. It would be nearly impossible to experience everything that Universal has to offer in just one short Orlando vacation. Don’t worry we are always running great deals on Universal Studio packages and hotel deals near Universal Studios so you can come back anytime. However, with careful planning and time management, it is possible to see not only the major attractions but some of the smaller ones as well. Use the above list as a guideline and jumping off point, but be sure to build some time into your schedule to wander through and make your own discoveries as well. Realize before you go that you will not be able to see and do everything in one trip, and concentrate instead on making the trip enjoyable and meaningful. You will not be disappointed as you seek out Universal’s secrets.