Universal™ Two-Day Touring Plan

Universal Studios™ is not a very large theme park and it can easily be seen in one day; however, if you are visiting during the high season you might want to be cautious and plan to spend two days at the theme park. Below we have provided you a two-day plan of Universal Studios™ to ensure you do not miss a show or a ride.

Depending on the season, you might want to consider purchasing a Universal Express Pass and a Universal Meal Deal for one or both of the days. The Express Pass will provide express entry to each of the major attractions once during the day. The Meal Deal will allow you to eat all day from a wide variety of counter-service restaurants. Neither is necessary during the slow season, but either or both will help you save time when the park is crowded. In addition, the 7-day all-access pass is only $28 more than the single one-day one-park ticket and you get so much more. Click here to purchase Universal Studios™ Tickets.

Day One

Use your first day to see as many shows as possible. Pick up a guide map/show schedule at Guest Services on your way into the park. Many shows are performed only a few times during the day, so it may not be possible to see them all but careful planning can pack a lot into one day. You should, however, be able to see most shows and possibly experience a few rides in between.

Shows that you should definitely try to see include:

  • Universal Horror Makeup Show
  • The Bourne Stuntacular
  • Blues Brothers
  • Animal Actors on Location

With the shows you want to see completed on the first day, this frees up the second day for the rides and Universal Studios™ has plenty of those to experience.

Day Two

Use the beginning of day two to experience any shows that you may have missed the day before. Dedicate the rest of the day to rides. It is generally best to turn left and make a circuit of the park, as most guests automatically turn right.

If you plan to get an Express Pass for only one day, this is the day to do so. Express Passes make little difference in loading time for shows but can save a significant amount of time in ride queues. Whether or not you need one depends on the season, park attendance, and how many rides you were able to experience the day before.

Try not to backtrack or criss-cross the park. Take advantage of the Universal Meal Deal to minimize the time you spend eating as well. If you do not have Express Passes, it is critical to go against the crowd in order to avoid spending all of your time in line.

Your must-see rides will, of course, depend on your individual interests. Presented here is a guide to get you started, but be sure to consult the park map as well. Try to experience as many rides as possible.

Production Central

Shrek 4D - Although not strictly a ride, this hilarious show loads continuously and should be experienced on your ride day rather than show day.

Despicable Me Minion Mayhem - An excellent motion simulator ride where you are trained on how to be a minion!

New York

Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon - An excellent motion simulator ride that races through several popular locations in New York and even to the moon!

Revenge of the Mummy - This high-speed roller-coaster adventure takes you deep inside The Mummy’s tomb.

San Francisco/Amity

Fast & Furious Supercharged - Race through a motion simulated environment that feels like your in the middle of the action!

World Expo

Men in Black -- Compete with your friends for the elusive million point perfect score in this alien battle.

Woody Woodpecker KidZone

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster - Billed as a “kid’s coaster,” this ride is short but packed with thrills. Try not to miss this one.

E.T. Adventure - Fly on a bicycle to E.T.’s home planet in this most beloved attraction.

Curious George Ball Room - Not a ride, but definitely worthy of a stop, this room allows you to be a kid again as you launch Nerf balls from cannons targeting your friends and a roomful of strangers


The Bourne Stuntacular - Follow along as agents from around the world try to capture the infamous and elusive Jason Bourne!

With two days to visit, you will be able to experience most of what Universal Studios Orlando FL has to offer. Be sure to allow yourself time to wander through the park and marvel at the film facilities as well. Keep to a schedule but do not overbook yourself and forget to enjoy the time that you have. You can always plan a return visit!