One feature that effectively unites all Americans is Thanksgiving. Universal Studios understand this fact perfectly and has planned many events to coincide with this special day. Celebrating Thanksgiving at Universal Studios promises to be a worthwhile decision. As a couple or a whole family, Universal Studios have something that will catch the fascination of everybody during the visit.

Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios is perhaps the most popular Thanksgiving event staged there. The main highlights of the event are the balloon inflations and the parade proper. Ever year, a different character is pumped full of helium and tied to several ropes which are then dragged around the streets of Universal Studio. Great band music, ice cream, and a lot of cookies are shared and savored by the visitors and guests. The Macy’s Holiday Parade hosted at Universal Studios runs from December 7- January 1. This great parade features some of the larger than life balloons from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Since 2002, Macy’s Studios has partnered with the Universal Orlando Resort  to bring  the floats from New York to Orlando. The parade is performed daily and includes the iconic  the famous Santa Claus float.

Participation starts at the warehouse area right between Jimmy Neutron and Twister exhibits. Volunteers sign up to drag the balloons here. Each volunteer must weigh a minimum of 120 pounds; the best part is that the event is completely free of any charges.

Not left out of the ceremonies for Thanksgiving is the Grinchmas also organized by Universal Studios; restaurants around Universal Studios also offer different kinds of events to mark Thanksgiving Day. Huge discounts are giving and special meals of turkey and bread are on the menu. It really is a great experience observing Thanksgiving Day at Universal Studios Orlando.

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