Universal Studios Orlando, now you have a chance to experience an official New Orleans performing filled with dazzling entertainment at Universal Orlando. Enjoy parades shows every night with fantastic street entertainers, colorful clothes and innumerable beads flying over the air. Book your Orlando hotels now as you have a little time left to get some vacation home rentals in Orlando. The crowd would increase day by day as the concerts time is going to be near. You will hear tunes from official New Orleans bands and chop down on mouthwatering Cajun food available for buying. Plus, on special nights you can get some of the biggest and famous names in music live in concert. It’s a memorable and exceptional springtime fun for you and your family. 

Universal Orlando Concerts 2018:

When it comes to settling on dramatic events, the Universal Orlando Resort doesn’t want to hold its back. The resort is a place to one of the state’s premier experiences with Halloween Horror Nights. But do not fear if you are not in fear (like Lily). Year-about, you will definitely find some most of the family-friendly Universal Orlando events which start from Mardi Gras to the magical Christmas at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Now here is the complete list for you of Universal Orlando concerts 2018, check them out.

  • January: A celebration of Harry Potter (Universal Studios Florida). 
  • February-May: Mardi Gras (Universal Studios) 2018 — Daily Feb. 3-April 7 at night.
  • September-October: Rock the Universe (Universal Studios 2018), Halloween Horror Nights 28 (Universal Studios).

The most exciting thing is that the festivities are included with your theme park admission, Annual Pass or Seasonal Pass. In addition to this Passholders can also take advantage and enjoy the extra Mardi Gras benefits. Why not make a plan this summer, you will get lots more attractions like, rides, foods, and now these concerts that will surely give you more excitement as well as satisfy your holiday trip?

Music Biggest Live in Concert:

The louder the music, the more you can have fun. Have you heard about a party without music? Seriously, you cannot have a perfect party unless there is no music. On elite nights of Universal Studios Mardi Gras, get outstanding performances from some of the prominent names in pop, rock, country, R&B and many more like these at the Music Plaza stage. Check back later here for more talent predictions and any changes in the announcements. This will undoubtedly be the biggest concert ever, but make sure to get your tickets on time. The crowd will be so big as compared to other ones. 

Mardi Grass 2018:

Mardi Grass rocked the floor, the food is excellent. Enjoying the music is a necessary thing to do whenever you visit Universal Orlando. The bands may be a little bit different as compared to late one but it usually enhances more taste in your music. It is more than ever, you will get more energetic, and surely you will enjoy the music as far as you stay there. The floats are fun, and pass holders take a shot in moving on them.  It’s a huge party for you, you will definitely love those beats and the overall concert. Mardi Grass concert gives you a great time riding the Gator Float with family. The excitement you get from there could be Priceless.

Up Coming Concerts:

Two upcoming big concerts are going to be held in Universal Studios Orlando for you, the first one is going to be on Friday 07 September 2018, “Rock the universe in 2018”.  And the second one is going to be held on Saturday 8 September, “For King And Country.” Check out for more later, we will surely tell you if you find any possible changes in the concerts schedule. However, there will be more concerts planning to be open up soon at the end of this year, so basically, they will be live in the year 2019. 

The fun for all, Orlando is typically a type of all-in-one place where you get everything according to your tastes and likes. For example, you have more varieties to pick your favorite food as well, eat it and take a long walk while enjoying these awesome concerts. This is a full-packed package for you to get a chance and make your holidays even better. Concerts can easily create more fun, as the music makes the crowd more energetic. Stay tuned with it, there will be more concerts coming to this year, so always check out the lists before making a plan to Orlando. Universal Orlando gives you the best memorable moments like those new attractions which are toy story land and fast n furious rides. 2018 will is going to be the best year for Orlando, as they face the marvelous crowd experience so far.