If thrills and chills are a highly anticipated part of your Orlando vacation, make visiting each of these headlining attractions a priority. Each of these rides has a height restriction, and these are not ideal for expectant mothers or those with health issues–but if you’re over 48″ tall and healthy, then get in line for the ride of a lifetime!

  1. Twilight Zone Tower of Terror (Disney’s Hollywood Studios): Take the plunge down a dark elevator shaft in this fully themed adventure. The Tower of Terror incorporates all the little touches Disney is known for–and you’ll get a different experience each time, thanks to some innovative ride programming.
  2. Hulk (Universal Orlando, Islands of Adventure): From the green track that dominates the Islands of Adventure skyline to the load roar emitted  by the ride vehicles, the Hulk is one of Universal’s most thrilling experiences. Expect surprises and extreme G-Forces from the stunning launch through the inversions and corkscrews offered by the Hulk. You won’t catch your breath until you are back on the ground.
  3. Expedition Everest (Disney’s Animal Kingdom): Disney’s latest coaster is one of its greatest thrill rides ever. Expect to experience high speed twists and turns, a full ride reversal and an encounter with the resident Yeti himself.
  4. Kraken (Sea World): Billed as Orlando’s tallest, fastest coaster, the Kraken is one of Sea World’s most thrilling attractions, with huge drops and multiple inversions. The ride car is floor less, so riders feel as though they are whipping through space. This ride is visually intimidating–so the line may be shorter than you would expect. You can board Kraken without a huge wait time almost any time of year–if you dare.
  5. Dragon Challenge (Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter): While the Dragon Challenge lost a little of its bite earlier this year, the coaster still offers plenty of thrills for riders, offering side by side tracks, plenty of high speed inversions, twists and turns. A bonus for young riders is the Harry Potter-inspired theming. Arrive at the Wizarding World early if you want to ride Dragon Challenge–the line can be as scary as the ride itself if you show up later in the day!