Universal Orlando Resort has leveled up to eight on-site resorts since 2014. These resorts provide a luxurious and comfortable lodging experience to the guests and cater to their preferences and budget. 

In this article, we will talk about the three best Universal premium hotels. But before that, there’s one more perk of booking an on-site resort you should know about!

Cut Down Wait Times by Staying at Onsite Universal Orlando Hotels

Your on-site hotel room key can get you priority seating at many of the sit-down restaurants at Universal Orlando. The restaurants can be from both the parks, the on-site hotels, or the CityWalk. Ask the restaurant, and they’ll oblige. 

Furthermore, if you arrive at a busy time, you can cut down waiting time at the park entrance by staying on-site. On-site hotel guests have the privilege of passing through security before everyone else, which saves a lot of time. 

Let us now take a look at the three best Universal Orlando Resorts.

Loews Royal Pacific Resort & Loews Royal Pacific

Loews Royal Pacific is a Polynesian themed resort that offers a lagoon-style pool, interactive water area, a wide variety of food options, a sushi bar, and fun events like kids camps and torch lighting ceremonies. 

It is a relaxing and luxurious lodging experience that starts at $262 and has the potential to double the fun you will have at Universal Orlando. 

Hard Rock Hotel Universal Orlando

Hard Rock is an incredibly famous chain of resorts themed around rock n’ roll music. If you have a group of excited teenagers with you, this on-site Universal Orlando hotel will be the highlight of your trip. That is not to say older people can’t enjoy it as it also reminds you of the glorious classic rock days. 

The hotel features rock music memorabilia such as John Lennon’s seat, the real booth where Elvis Presley recorded his first number, and bricks from Liverpool’s Cavern Club: the place where the Beatles performed for the first time. 

You’d be surprised to know that its huge pool also has an underwater sound system, keeping the resort true to its spirit of music. Its standard room is larger than those at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort. 

Loews Portofino Bay Resort

Loews Portofino Bay is not named after Portofino, Italy, for nothing. It is designed to make you feel like you have traveled to Italy, thanks to its cobblestoned streets, outdoor cafes, and shopping along the harbor.

This resort also has the most pools, restaurants, and shopping venues than the resorts mentioned above, so it might not be surprising that you find this one best out of the list. To fully experience all the amenities, luxuries, and comforts of this resort, you must dedicate ample time. 

Its standard rooms are 450 square feet in size, making them some of the largest rooms in Universal Orlando. The price begins at $312 a night, and you have the option to upgrade to club or suite levels. Portofino Bay Resort is the real definition of luxury and indulgence. 

Final Word on Universal Orlando Hotels

The story doesn’t end here. It is one thing to learn about the best resorts of Universal Orlando, but another to know how you can get amazing discounts all year round. Check out Orlandovacation.com for comprehensive vacation packages that can help you save more for more fun!