If you want to take grandpa and/or grandma on your next vacation to Disney World there are some special factors to consider. The Points Guy recently posted a great article called 11 Tips for Traveling with Senior Citizens. There were some great tips in there, and our favorite five are listed below.

Book non-stop flights whenever possible and avoid regional jets

Non-stop flights are much better than connecting flights for several reasons, including minimizing the chance of missing a connection and reducing the total travel top. Sometimes it can be worth it to pay more for a non-stop flight, and it may also be worth it to travel further to an airport that offers non-stop flights. Smaller jets like the Embraer ERJ or Canadair CRJ series require passengers to climb a flight of stairs, which can be challenging for seniors.

senior citizen flying tips

Be careful with senior discounts

Some airlines claim to offer senior discounts but they can be misleading. In some cases, they are the exact same price as a regular ticket, and in other cases, they are real discounts but they only work on specific flights. Be sure you’re not paying more for the rest of the family to fly just so you can save a few dollars on one senior ticket.

disney world breaks senior citizensBe mindful of flight times

Grandparents may not have the energy they used to, and traveling early in the morning or later in the evening can take its toll. Talk to the grandparents to learn what their preferences are, but generally mid-morning or early afternoon departure times will work well for everyone.

Bring medications in carryon bags

This is a tip that’s as relevant to everyone in the party as it is to seniors, but it’s important enough to highlight: never put medications in checked bags. They can get lost or delayed, and getting ahold of your doctor to have them reissue a prescription can be a pain. The better option is to put medications in small pieces of carry-on luggage or even a large handbag. It’s also smart to bring a list of medications and dosages in the event a doctor’s visit is necessary during your trip.

Plan but don’t over plan

A trip to Disney World will be more successful if you have a plan, but don’t over plan either. Your grandparents are slower than they used to be, and your plans should account for their need to take frequent breaks. You may want to plan one activity before lunch and one after.