If you’re getting ready for your first visit to Universal Orlando, you’re in for thrills of a lifetime! We have compiled some of the best tips out there to help you skip the lines. While there’s plenty there that’s worth the wait, we don’t want you to spend a moment waiting that you could be riding. Check out these great tips that help you skip the lines or lower them significantly.

Understand the Express Pass Line

Depending on what time of year you plan to visit Universal Orlando, the lines may be very long. If you’re traveling at an off peak time – essentially any time school is in session for most of the country – then you likely won’t have to worry much about lines. However, if you’re traveling during summer or other school breaks, then the Express Pass may be worth the money for you. Essentially you pay a fee and get to skip the lines on most every ride. Note that a few rides are exempt, most noticeably a few of the most popular Harry Potter rides.


Make use of child swap programs

If you have kids who are too short or who simply don’t want to go on specific rides, you can take advantage of a child swap program. Every ride has a child swap area where one person in your group can wait with the kids while everyone else in your party rides. When the rest of them are done riding, they can swap places with the person who waited with the kids.

These areas are usually inside, so both you and your kids get a chance to cool down. There are often also TVs and other entertainment options. These areas may also be used if your kid decides they don’t want to ride at the last minute. If they’re above a certain age they can even wait there by themselves.

Use single rider lines when possible

Not every ride has a single rider line, but for those that do, they can be a great way to avoid lines or keep them to a minimum. To use these lines guests must be at least 10 years old. They can then simply get to this line and when there’s a single spot available on the ride, the next person in the single rider line will get it. The main disadvantage of this option is that you won’t be able to ride with others in your party, so be sure you know where you’re meeting up afterwards.


These are simple tips that can give you a significant advantage to others to avoid the lines on your first visit to Universal Orlando! Remember too that the earlier you get there, the lower the lines. Try to get to the parks as soon as they open and ride the most popular rides first. Then use the tips above to leisurely ride everything else.