Renting Orlando Vacation Homes rentals is a great way to save money on your next trip and enjoy plenty of space – not to mention incredible amenities. We’re here today to offer seven tips to help you get the most from Orlando area vacation homes.

1. Start by making a list of everything you want in a vacation home

The first step is to sit down and write down everything you’re looking for in Orlando vacation homes rentals. This will help you narrow down your options once you’re searching for the right home for your needs. Some factors you may consider include:

  • The number of bedrooms you need.
  • Whether it has a pool and if that pool is heated.
  • How close do you want it to be to the theme parks?
  • What amenities do you need?

These are just a few examples. Whatever your needs are, you’ll have a better job making sure they’re met if you clearly outline them before searching.

2. Book ahead if you want the most selection and the best deal

Everyone wants to save money when they’re renting Orlando area vacation homes and one of the easiest ways to do that is to book as far in advance as possible. This is also going to give you the most available options too. Of course, not everyone is able to book ahead of time and you’re likely to find options even at the last minute. That said, the sooner you can book – the better.

3. Rent from an agency – not directly from an owner

In some cases, you may pay less if you rent Orlando area vacation homes direct from the owner. However, there are many potential problems that can arise when renting from an individual. First of all, there is little to no recourse if they don’t offer you what they promised. In fact, it’s possible they could double book the home and you could be without a reservation at all. Second, an agency will assure that homes are clean, well-stocked, and ready for guests. They do this professionally and the difference is clear when you’re in Orlando Vacation Homes rentals.

4. Make sure you understand the cancellation fee

Some Orlando vacation homes have very strict cancellation policies. In some cases, this can lead to paying full price even if you cancel your reservation weeks in advance. Most vacation homes will have some sort of deposit required for the owner or property manager to hold the home. That said, no matter how sure you are of your plans, you want a reservation that can be canceled if needed.

5. It’s all about location

If you have to pick one thing to focus on when choosing from the available Orlando Vacation Homes rentals, it should be location. Sure, you can get a great deal on a home that’s fifty miles from Walt Disney World but do you want to drive that far every day? It’s likely that you don’t – especially when you can get a great deal on a home that’s within 15 miles of the theme parks.

6. You shouldn’t have to pay the full amount upfront

If you want to pay the full amount of your vacation home upfront, then that’s great! If you’d rather make payments or pay off the balance a few weeks before you visit Orlando, then you can find companies that allow this too. They likely require a deposit to hold the home but this shouldn’t be significant. You can then save up and budget to pay the full amount by your due date, which will vary based on the company you choose.

7. Take advantage of the amenities available in and near your vacation home

Compared to staying in an Orlando hotel or resort, a vacation home has a ton of benefits. Don’t let these go to waste. If your home has a pool, make sure you bring your swimming suits and get the heat turned on in advance, if necessary. If your vacation home is on or near a golf course, make sure you bring the golf gear you need. If it’s close to a grocery store then make sure you wait to stock up on snacks until you get there. Make the most of your home and you’ll get the most value from it.

There are dozens of reasons to choose a vacation home versus other accommodation options in Orlando. By following the above tips, you’ll be able to find the home you’re looking for and make the most of it.