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Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows offer the ultimate in audience participatory dinner theater. You will become part of the action as you attempt to solve a hilarious whodunit. Watch the scenes unfold, and then it’s your turn to join in the fun. Interrogate suspects and look for clues as you compete to be the first to solve the mystery.

Your evening begins with a sort of cocktail hour. Hot and cold hors d’oeuvres are passed as you mingle with the night’s lineup of crazy characters. Get to know these characters as well as possible, for they are the ones who you will need to interrogate later. You know one of them will commit the crime, so you might as well get a head start on learning their personalities.

The preshow/cocktail hour is the perfect introduction to the evening at hand. The characters do a wonderful job at loosening up the guests and getting them comfortable with one another. Depending on the night’s storyline, the pretext for this could be almost anything. But either way, by the end of this part of the evening your inhibitions have fallen away and you begin to believe that you are truly a part of the evening’s festivities.

Soon you will be seated at your table for the evening. Tables hold eight people each, meaning that you will be grouped with strangers. This setup works extremely well, adding to the festive nature of the show. Each show has a reason for the banquet, so the dinner ties in quite well with the rest of the evening.

At this point, you will view a series of vignettes. It appears that this is the only scripted portion of the show. The scenes are designed to give you great insight into each character’s motivations and background, so be sure to pay close attention. The actors are masters at dealing with audience interjections, both appropriate and heckling, and are not afraid to good naturedly put obnoxious audience members in their place. Gradually the scenes begin to connect, and before you realize what happened, the deed is done. One character is dead and it is up to you to figure out exactly what happened.

At this point, the meal is served. During dinner, you will have ample opportunity to discuss the evening’s goings-on and formulate your plan for investigation. This is an excellent opportunity to continue bonding with your tablemates. Discussion can become quite lively as a possible motive exists for virtually every character.

After dinner, you will have the chance to interrogate the suspects. Each table will be instructed to designate a leader who will relay the table’s question. Each table has the opportunity to ask one question. Choose your question carefully, as it will soon be time to decide whodunit. One character acts as emcee for the proceedings, approaching each table’s designated leader for the question. Audience interaction continues as the cast attempts to stump the audience with truthful but misleading answers. The cast also heckles those who ask obnoxious or irrelevant questions.

Now it is time for dessert. This is your table’s last chance to discuss the evidence including the results of the interrogation. Following your discussions, each person will fill out a personal ballot, making his or her accusation as to who the murderer was.

When everyone has filled out their ballots, the cast will move through the audience checking ballots for accuracy. If you correctly guess the murderer, you will receive a token for a drawing. Whoever’s token is drawn receives a special Sleuth’s prize.

Although each show follows the same basic format, Sleuth’s has almost endless repeatability. The reason for this is that the cast rotates through eleven completely different storylines, and new shows are added from time to time. Although you may be familiar with the Sleuth’s process after one show, this familiarity in no way helps you to solve the next murder mystery.

Currently, Sleuth’s offers the following storylines:

Lord Mansfield’s Fox Hunt Banquet — As the name implies, madcap murder ensues at the country estate of Lord Mansfield during a fox hunting trip.

Kim and Scott Tie the Knot — A large Italian wedding goes hilariously wrong as the secrets of both the bride and groom are exposed.

Squires Inn — When your bus breaks down while touring Europe, you find yourself caught in the middle of the goings-on at a strange roadside inn.

G.K.’s 80th Birthday — When Gerald Keenan informs his family and friends that are gathered for his party that he intends to change his will, his 80th birthday becomes his last.

Roast ‘em and Toast ‘em — Ostensibly celebrating the good natured roast of celebrity Margaret Petrovich, the true reason for the gathering is much darker.

The Premiere — It’s the grand opening celebration of B-movie director Jeremy’s first film. With millions of dollars and possible new celebrity on the line, who is willing to kill to make things go his or her way?

The Show Must Go On — Things take a bizarre twist during auditions for an ongoing international touring show.

The Reunion — A graduate of your college wants to bulldoze the school and replace it with condos. A class reunion is organized to raise funds to save the college. Of course, it is never that simple when money is involved…

Joshua’s Demise — In this case, the murder has already happened. Joshua has been dead a year, and his mother is convinced that it was no accident. What will the Indian sage learn from a conversation with Joshua himself?

The Family Tree — You are invited to a family reunion hosted by a doctor who performs rather unusual genetic research. Be careful not to ask too many questions, as there are many carefully guarded family secrets here.

Celestial Manor — Set at an English countryside Manor where wheat from crop circles is used to make unusual cookies and the haircuts at the Manor’s salon are legendary, you will be drawn into the madcap antics of a variety of Manor staff and visitors.

WKZY — Set at the radio station of shock jock Tipton Ramsdale, this show draws together a wacky group of would-be talent and station executives.

Sleuth’s Mystery Dinner Shows take audience interaction to the next level. Partly scripted, mostly improvised, the 2 ½ hour shows are hilarious, exciting and a lot of fun. Settle in and enjoy getting to know your new “friends” and “family” for the evening during cocktail hour, then follow the clues carefully to determine whodunit. Great fun for the entire family.