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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure has earned a well-deserved reputation as “the world’s most unique interactive dinner show.” Over 150 guests are invited right into the middle of the action donning costumes and taking roles in the show. Even children can be a part of the excitement, rowing dinghies in a race around the lagoon or boarding the galleon in a heart-pounding attempt to rescue the princess.

Your adventure into pirate history and lore begins as you arrive. You will be overwhelmed by the sights and sounds that greet your senses. A small stage and a cash bar serving all manner of pirate cocktails are present in the main room, while a gift shop and pirate museum beckon just beyond. Go ahead and visit the gift shop and museum now, before things really begin.

Although there are no authentic items present in the pirate museum, the reproductions are beautifully crafted. The museum is full of information detailing the life and times of some of history’s most famous pirates. The gift shop is stocked with a surprisingly large array of pirate memorabilia both comical and historically accurate, in a wide range of prices.

Soon after your arrival, you will be summoned to Princess Anita’s appetizer buffet. Salads and snacks are plentiful, but be sure not to eat too much. There is still an entire feast to be enjoyed! In the meantime, enjoy seeing and being seen. The pretext for the evening is that you are an invited guest at Princess Anita’s royal banquet. Preshow entertainment takes place on the small stage and may include such entertaining feats as snake handling and acrobatics. Throughout this part of the evening, audience interaction is plentiful.

The festivities come to an abrupt ending, however, when the banquet hall is stormed by pirates. Before you know it, the princess and all of her guests (including you!) have been kidnapped. The group is then led as captives into the main theater.

At this point, you will board one of six pirate ships for the main event. Your ship will be under the control of its own mascot pirate for whom you will cheer throughout a series of competitions. All eyes will be drawn forward, however, to the imposing ship in the center. An authentic replica of an 18th century galleon measuring 46 feet long is anchored in the middle of a 300,000 gallon indoor lagoon. The night sky overhead is illuminated by stars and moon.

You feast is served. Enjoy a fresh garden salad along with your choice of three delectable entrees — lemon pepper chicken, pork tenderloin or garlic lobster and shrimp. Accompanying your entrée are mixed vegetables and your choice of West Indies rice or roasted red potatoes. Dessert is Princess Anita’s famous apple pie a la mode. Vegetarian and children’s meals are also available upon request. Your feast includes unlimited beer, wine, soft drinks and coffee during the show. The rest of the time, a cash bar is open.

The Broadway-quality musical show is performed in, on and around the pirate galleon. Swashbuckling swordplay, razor sharp wit, pyrotechnics and breathtaking stunts combine to create a truly magical pirate adventure. As during the preshow entertainment, audience interaction is plentiful and strongly encouraged. 150 guests will have the opportunity to actually become part of the show, putting on costumes and taking on important roles. They will join a dozen actors, singers and stunt performers as they live out their pirate dreams.

After the main show ends, be sure to stick around. The Buccaneer Bash is a hopping after-hours pirate party. See and be seen, order fancy pirate cocktails from the cash bar, and dance the night away with pirates and royalty alike. A great ending to a wonderful evening, the Buccaneer Bash is a terrific place to collect autographs too.

Pirates offers a special Christmas Adventure over the holiday season (2006 dates Nov 25 to Jan 6). The normal preshow buffet is enhanced by traditional holiday elements, featuring turkey and chestnuts. The main show takes on a holiday overlay, with an exciting and dramatic battle to save Christmas. If you’ve never seen Pirates Christmas Adventure, it is definitely something to add to the calendar no matter how many times you have seen the original show.

Surprisingly, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure has received mixed reviews from those who have attended. Some feel that the food is disappointing or uninspiring. Others find the food both plentiful and delicious. Uneven service has also been noted, with some sections receiving wonderfully attentive delivery and others waiting a long time for their food. Some have also noted difficulty in seeing well from the side most seats in each section. Most agree, however, that the show itself delivers.

It appears that any difficulties are due to a bit of unevenness in hiring staff. Pirate’s offers a whole new concept in dinner theater and it is understandable that occasionally things may go wrong. However, Pirate’s truly aims to please, so if you find anything unsatisfactory be sure to speak with management for resolution. The show is wonderfully engrossing and exciting and the vast majority of the time the food is delicious, well prepared and served quickly.

All in all, Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is well worth the price of admission. Discounts are sometimes available, so be sure to ask what might apply when you make your reservations. On the night of your show, arrive early enough to enjoy the museum and gift shop prior to the start of the preshow entertainment. Then sit back, relax and have fun as your childhood pirate dreams unfold before you.