Compared to the non-stop excitement you’ll experience at the Disney World or Universal theme parks, SeaWorld can feel like a much more relaxed, laid back option. It can also be more affordable than the big parks, but the costs can certainly add up – especially if you stay all day and need to eat several meals there. Take a look at these 4 tips to help you save money on food at SeaWorld Orlando.

orlandovacation_seaworld-re1.         Get a refillable cup

You can purchase a refillable souvenir cup at any of SeaWorld’s restaurants, and at most of the drink carts. Buying a basic cup will run you $7.99, while fancier cups can cost up to $16.95. Some of the souvenir shops also offer SeaWorld cups and sports bottles. Once you buy any of the above mentioned cups or bottles, you can get unlimited refills at every visit for only $0.99. These cups actually work at several parks nationwide, including Busch Gardens, Aquatica, Adventure Island, and SeaWorld San Diego.

2.         Buy a refillable popcorn bucket

A similar program is available with the SeaWorld popcorn bucket. It costs just $4.79 and comes filled. If you want additional refills you can pay just $1.99. As with the refillable cup, you can have this refilled at parks across the country.

3.         All-day dining deals

orlandovacation_dining-at-seaworldIf you plan to spend the entire day at SeaWorld, the all-day dining may save you money. You’ll pay a fee up front, which changes based on the season, and can go through the lines at any restaurant as many times as you want. It begins as soon as the park opens, with the Seafire Inn serving breakfast, and ends 30 minutes before restaurants close. You could start eating at 9 in the morning and have your last meal at 9:30 at night, all for one price.

4.         Bring your own food

SeaWorld doesn’t allow you to bring coolers into the park, but unlike the other Orlando theme parks the parking lot is a short walk from the gates. Simply leave your cooler in your car, enjoy your morning in the park, and walk back to your car, grab your food, and bring it in for a picnic lunch. They even provide plenty of picnic tables so you’ll have a shaded, comfortable spot to enjoy a relaxing lunch.

These tips can help you save a ton on food costs at SeaWorld and free up money to enjoy more of what Orlando has to offer. Please click here for more money saving tips.