vacation-planning-kidsAs a single parent, it may seem completely overwhelming to take the kids on a fantastic vacation, but with a little planning and by following a few simple tips, it can be done – and it can be done fabulously! Let’s take a look at 3 simple tips that can prevent the majority of meltdowns.

1.         Get the kids involved

Your kids are going to be excited to visit Orlando – who wouldn’t be? With so many things to do and so much magic at every destination, it’s a paradise for kids. However, that excitement can lead to meltdowns and overwhelmed kiddos. A great way to keep kids on the same page is to get them involved in the planning process. Show them a few examples of Orlando hotels and let them pick the best pool. Show them which characters they can meet and choose your FastPass+ choices around their top picks. When they’re involved in the decision making process, they’ll be less likely to have a meltdown over not getting to do everything they want to do.

2.         Remember their danger zones

disney-world-hot-day-kidsWhen kids have meltdowns it’s typically because they’re either hungry, bored, or tired. Plan fun games to play while you’re waiting in line, bring tons of their favorite snacks into the parks, and plan for plenty of downtime at the resort. Most days you’ll find the busiest, hottest times of the day between noon and 5 PM. Get to the parks early, spend a few hours there, and then head back to relax at the pool during the hottest, busiest parts of the day.

3.         Watch the weather

If you’re like most people, when you think of Orlando you think of blazing hot days, and you’d be right – some of the time. It can actually get quite chilly at night during the spring, fall, and winter. It’s always a good idea to bring a light jacket unless you’re traveling in the dead heat of summer. If you are traveling in summer, bring a spritzing water bottle to keep them cool, and make sure they stay hydrated.