Anyone who visits Disney World needs the best tips possible to save some cash. After all, Disney can be expensive – but it doesn’t have to be! Travel and Leisure Magazine did an interesting piece called How to Pinch Pennies and Still Live the Disney Dream in Orlando’s Magic Kingdom that discusses how you can save and what the potential drawbacks are of each option. Let’s take a peek at their best tips.

Stay away from one or two-day tickets

You’ll find the best discounts on theme park tickets the longer the ticket is for. The longer you stay, the less you’ll pay on a per-day basis. For example, you’d pay more than $100 for a single adult ticket to the Magic Kingdom. That cost is just over $40 per day if you buy a seven-day pass.


The downside for some people is that four or five days is often enough to tour all four Disney theme parks. If you’re staying for longer than five days, buying a seven+ day pass to Disney World means missing out on other attractions in the area, like SeaWorld, Universal, and the beaches. However, the cheapest option by far is to stick with one Disney and buy at least a seven day pass.

Keep in mind that you can always change your mind once you’re in the park. In our experience, the best choice is buy a four or five day ticket in advance. This gives you a discount off the gate price, but if you decide you want to add extra days you can do so at any Guest Relations booth within Disney World. You’ll pay the same upcharge for extra days as you would if you bought it in advance. The only caveat is that you must add days before you’ve used all the days on your ticket.

Visit during the off-season

This is the tip that will save you the most money, yet it’s one that comes with serious drawbacks. Prices will be at their lowest during this time of year (which is essentially any time most schools are in session) and crowds will be at their lowest too. But you’ll see many more ride closures than at any other time of the year. For example, the ever-popular Splash Mountain closes most years from October to March.

Rent a house off-site


Too often families don’t even consider staying off-site. They assume that the Disney resorts offer enough amenities and convenience that they’re worth the price tag, but the reality is that there are resort hotels within a short drive that can cost literally ¼ of the price of staying on property. Likewise, there are Orlando vacation homes for rent that start at just $99 per night and are within 15 minutes of the parks. The only downside to these cost-saving options is that you won’t be on Disney property, but this can actually afford more privacy and convenience, in addition to the cost savings.