Terminator 2: 3-D Battle Across Time is based on the popular Terminator movies, this 3-D adventure is one of the more elaborate and technologically advanced theme park experiences ever created. The attraction combines live stunt shows with 3-D film and it creates one of the more impressive illusions you'll find in any of the parks in Orlando.

Visitors begin with a tour through Cyber Dyne, a corporation dedicated to making the world a safer place through technology. Suddenly, the orientation video is interrupted by renegades who claim Cyber Dyne will destroy the world. The audience is ushered into the auditorium where they are asked to put on safety goggles (3D glasses). The "Terminator" shows up and takes the audience on an action-packed adventure in the post-apocalyptic world of the future.

Terminator 3-D is one of the best 3-D attractions in all of Orlando. The amazing effects extend beyond the screen into the theater itself.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Young children may me be frightened by the constant gunfire and intense 3-D images. Adults should note that while there is a lot of violence, there is not much of anything in the way of graphic violence.
ages 5-10 The gunplay and violence in the attraction may be too intense for some kids.
ages 11-15 Very popular amongst teenagers, in fact many rank it as one of the best attractions in Orlando.
ages 16-adult Fans of the original movie or of high quality 3-D attractions will enjoy Terminator 3-D.
senior citizens Older guests may not appreciate some of the tactile effects, including water and some motion on the seats.

Universal Studios Orlando Tip

Terminator 3-D has a high capacity and rarely gets extremely long lines. However, it's still least crowded in the morning before 11 am or in the evening after 5 pm.