No matter why you’re traveling to Orlando, or what type of client you’re meeting with, whether local, national, or international, you want to get your Disney fix in. The problem? Your client sees the parks as simply a playground for kids. What they don’t realize is that it’s the perfect place for a business meeting – and you’re just the one to show them that!

Highlight the incredible dining options

If your clients think Disney World is overrun by the typical amusement park food they’d find at any other park, well – they’re right to a degree. Obviously, you can find plenty of quick-service spots with average food, but there’s a lot more than that going on! You have everything from mid-priced sit-down restaurants to one of the most award-winning restaurants in the entire state of Florida.

Whether they have a taste for Italian and want to head to Tutto Gusto, or they’re in the mood for upscale sushi at California Grille, you’ve got plenty to show them. If you’re planning to host a business meeting during the meal, you may want to avoid some of the louder, more bustling restaurants in favor of quieter, more intimate meals that will afford you the ability to talk more easily and privately.


Educate them about the social media possibilities

If your client has a Facebook or other social media account they use for business purposes, then a trip to Disney World may be just what they need to boost their presence. Let them know how popular photos taken in front of the castle are or give them some advice on showing their personality by posting pictures on the top roller coasters. There’s nothing that will make a business from drab to fab as quickly as some fun-loving photo ops in Disney World.

Encourage them to take a vacation during their business trip

orlandovacation_epcot-world-showcaseRemind your clients that business doesn’t have to be dull. Everyone could use a vacation, and what better time to do it than when you’re on a business trip! Get your meetings out of the way in the morning and then show them what it’s like to be a kid again by taking them to your favorite of the theme parks.

Show them the wide range of adult beverages

Of course, no adult trip to Disney World is complete without imbibing some delicious adult beverages! Let your client know about the wonders of Epcot’s World Showcase and they’re likely to never want to leave! There you’ll find literally hundreds of drink options, including some unique beers you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else in the country, along with mixed drinks and cocktails, unlike anything they’ve experienced before.