Sea World and Universal Studios Orlando

I was hoping that through the Black Stone Merger of Universak Studios and Sea World, Disney World and the Black Stone Group would get into a theme park arms race. This arms race would ultimately attract more guests and provide an even better overall experience.

Universal Studios Thanksgiving Day Events

Macy’s Holiday Parade at Universal Studios is perhaps the most popular Thanksgiving event staged there. The main highlights of the event are the balloon inflations and the parade proper.

Whats new at Universal Studios

You can try the Zonko’s Joke Shop, where you can find all the gadgets and gag tools for your prank stunt. This shop has everything from slime to green goo, walking robots, and all the tools and gadgets you can ever imagine.

Universal Studios City Walk Restaurants

If you want to really experience the excitement at City Walk, you need to have the money to spend, but it is also worth every penny you shell out, especially when it comes to a world class dining experience.

Events at Universal Studios for July

July 4th celebrations are only one of several headline events at Universal Orlando this summer. Music fans will flock to see some of the world’s most popular bands at Hard Rock Live’s Summer Concert Series.

Universal disastrous first quarter with 44% profit drop

Despite the new attractions and adventurous rides that have recently been added to central Florida’s theme parks, the parks haven’t been immune to the damaging effects of the international recession. A perfect example is Universal Studios in Orlando, which recently released its first quarter reports. The report revealed more discouraging news in and a recurring […]

Universal Studios Vacation

Today is a great time to go ahead and book your Universal Orlando vacation package for the summer of 2010. Why is today such a good time? Simple, the new Harry Potter theme park is about to open and once it does Universal is going to kick off a huge marketing campaign to tout their […]

Legoland included in Flex Ticket package

Central Florida’s newest theme park may play a key role in the arch rivalry between Universal Studios and Disney World. Scheduled to open in the fall, Legoland will replace one of Florida’s oldest theme parks, Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven. Geared toward a much younger audience than Cypress Gardens, Legoland will feature over 50 rides, […]