Top TV shows comes to Universal Studios

You don’t have to head to Hollywood to see live taping of your favorite shows. Two of the most popular television shows in the U.S. are coming to Orlando during the second week of April. NBC’s America’s Got Talent will be taping live performances at Hard Rock Live, from April 7-8. Talented singers from across […]

Experience Florida’s Wildlife at Gatorland

Experience Florida’s Wildlife at Gatorland For the tourist who has seen enough of the Disney and Universal theme parks for their visit, Gatorland offers a unique experience to see the real Florida wildlife in its most active form. On four different nights, April 30, May 1, May 7, and May 8. Home to Hundreds of […]

The Thrill Seekers Adventure at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

With Universal Studios Orlando focusing on the teenage thrill rider market and Walt Disney World focusing on the toddlers and elementary school aged children, you would think the Disney’s Magic Kingdom would be no place for a teenager. However don’t think that Disney has thrown in the towel when it comes to teenagers. If you […]

Epcot Center’s New Italian Ristorante

If you like going to  the Disney Epcot Center in Orlando and you like to eat  a good Italian pizza with your family, then Walt Disney World has you and your family in mind. Construction workers have been quite busy at Epcot Center in the “Italy” portion of the theme park building a 14,000 square […]