There’s More to Orlando Than Theme Parks

Florida is well known for its gator population – and for good reason! Locals can tell you that you’ll spot them everywhere, but if you’re visiting the area for the first time and want to get an up close and personal look,

4 Unique Orlando Attractions

While Universal Studios and the Disney World theme parks are the main draws in the area, there are many other exciting options around. Let’s take a look at some of the most overlooked options for 1st time visitors.

Best zoos in Orlando Florida

When you think of the main attractions in Orlando, it’s easy to think of the world’s most popular theme parks such as Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Islands of Adventure, but there are great zoos in Orlando, as well.
For families looking to save money on their vacation budget,zoos offer a great alternative to the expensive theme parks.

Experience Florida’s Wildlife at Gatorland

Experience Florida’s Wildlife at Gatorland For the tourist who has seen enough of the Disney and Universal theme parks for their visit, Gatorland offers a unique experience to see the real Florida wildlife in its most active form. On four different nights, April 30, May 1, May 7, and May 8. Home to Hundreds of […]