Autism Awareness Day

Autism Awareness Day!

We’re grateful that today is a day designated for Autism Awareness, although we feel that autism should be celebrated year-round. Those who struggle with Autism Spectrum Disorder wrestle with social interaction, sensory processing, and communication. Currently, there are over four million autistic individuals around the world. Today also kicks off a month-long celebration and awareness […]

Interview About Autistic Friendly Vacation Homes

In our continued pursuit of talking to travel experts in our quest to set up vacation homes that are autistic-friendly, we talked to Margalit Francus. This interview was very informative, and I would like to thank Margalit for taking almost a whole hour out of her day to talk with us. If you would like […]

Interview with Caryn Haluska

One of the market segments we feel is being left out in the Orlando vacation home market is that of families with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be doing interviews with popular bloggers who have children with autism. During these interviews, we are going to find out […]