Suhls Rodeo

Hours of operation

The door opens at 6:00 p.m. and the Rodeo starts at 8:00 p.m. The show lasts 2 hours.

About Suhls Rodeo

Suhls Rodeo is an amazing show which offers a perfect experience of foot stomping and heart pounding action. Whether riding a bull, running a barrel or riding Bronc, there is something for all guests in the Suhls Rodeo. Enjoy the excitement and fun of the western past at their closed positions. They offer full concession kiosks, western gift shops with drinks and live music. Enjoy your favorite American cuisine as you are watching the action. They offer full food areas with hamburgers, french fries, hot dogs and more. They also have a choice of alcoholic beverages in the saloon to the left of their entrance for ticket sales. In addition to the stand, their western gift shop provides rodeo clothes & gifts that you could bring to commemorate the event.

Friday Night Rodeo at Suhls Rodeo: Get ready for a heartfelt night when you mark your calendar for Friday night at Suhls Rodeo. In addition to Live Bucking Broncos, Barrel Racing and Bull Riding, you can enjoy delicious American dishes at the food stand. Adults can order drinks in the saloon and children can enjoy lemonade, Gatorade or mineral water. Don't wait any longer to plan your rodeo adventure when you get a discounted ticket. Discover why families have loved this Orlando tradition for almost 30 years!

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Cash prize contest: Do you love to be part of this campaign? The Suhls Rodeo welcomes cowgirls and cowboys at all levels fighting for cash prizes at the rodeo events. Competition events here include Bronc Riding, Barrel Racing, Bull Riding and Jr. Bull Riding. Get your equipment and show your skills directly to the viewers.

Barrel Racing Lesson: Suhls Rodeo is happy to give rodeo fans the opportunity to participate in the action. You will receive sixty minutes of training of athletes racing. At end of week you have the opportunity to show your fresh skill in their Friday night Rodeo!

Teamwork activities: The Cowboy teamwork package include four interactive activities that make your group to be on same page! For groups of up to fifty people, they recommend 2-three hours, for groups of 50-100 they recommend 3- four hours. This includes a world-renowned villain and Mr. Suhl, who moderates his group, & a DJ, who runs the country's blood!

Blind trust: Here, your team shall be divided into groups of 2. A teammate was blindfolded while another teammate was driving the horse. Purpose of the activity’s to take the horse through the field & close the eyes of team members to collect flags and throw coins in the appropriate coin slots at the summit of the barrel. Therefore, the flag must recede at the beginning point. This activity requires patience, trust and clear communication.

Team-C-Orral: Find your teammates and plan the best way to throw your cattle from one side of the field to the designated paddock. This frantic activity requires group communication, body language, coordination and quick steps. The goal is for each team to catch the cattle faster.

Pen Pal: all members of your team are invited to join the other members of your choice. The goal is for the couple to work as a team to order the selected calves and separate them from their flock and take them to the designated stable. Trust, Clear communication and extreme concentration is required.

"Betis" flag balloon: this demanding activity includes 20 to 30 tail calves. The goal is for each team to collect 3 tapes. The team was divided into groups of ten.