Orlando is an excellent choice for a group trip. As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, everyone is well equipped in how to cater to groups, from restaurants to hotels to the Disney and Universal theme parks. As you look for the best ways to organize your trip, a blog may be a great choice. Let’s take a look at a few of the pros and cons.

Blogs allow everyone to share their photos and experiences in the same spot

In this day of social media, it’s likely that most people on your group trip will be able to post their favorite pictures, update those back home on how the trip is going, and post videos if they’d like. However, it’s also likely that not everyone on your trip is friends with everyone else on these social media platforms. A blog through WordPress, Bloggr, or a similar site, will allow everyone access to view and post.

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It’s a great choice for school trips

If you’re taking a large group to Orlando for scholastic purposes, a group blog is a great option. You can give kids credit for posting new posts, responding to posts that have already been posted, and it will serve as a great resource if they have a paper or essay to write about the experience once they’re back home.

Parents can stay involved

Parents want to know how their kids are doing when they’re hundreds or thousands of miles away from home. When you have a blog that they can access, they’ll be able to check it as often as they like to see that their kids are having a great time, that they’re safe, that they’re appropriately chaperoned, etc.

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Group travelers can get to know each other before the trip even begins

Many group trips to Orlando involve people who know each other well, but not all do. If you’re getting a large group together, set up the blog well before you trip. People can post to introduce themselves and discuss their expectations, things they’re most looking forward to, and even pair up to stay with likeminded folks in the vacation rental home or resort hotel you book.

It’s an easy place for everyone to get updated info on an upcoming trip

One of the most challenging things for a group coordinator to do is to keep everyone updated on the details of your trip. You can send all the emails you want, but inevitably you’ll get last minutes calls asking for the information you’ve given a dozen times already. Having a blog with all the pertinent details is a great way for everyone to be able to instantly access the information they need. If you choose this option, be sure you set it to private and require a password to sign in so that the entire internet doesn’t have access to flight details, hotel reservations, etc.