Shopping Inside the Animal Kingdom at Disney World

The shopping at the Animal Kingdom theme park does not provide the array of shops or gift stores you will see at EPCOT or Magic Kingdom.

  • Island Mercantile – The biggest store in Animal Kingdom sells a vast array of merchandise including apparel and souvenirs.
  • Creature Comforts – Princess collection merchandise including toys, costumes and trinkets.
  • Disney Outfitters – The main clothing store at Animal Kingdom that sells mens and womens apparel.
  • Beastly Bazaar – Disney keepsakes such as mugs, snowglobes and porcelain figures.
  • Mombasa Traders – Imports from Africa.
  • Lion King Cart – Selling Lion King plush and souvenirs.
  • Anadapur Gifts – Asian imports and Animal Kingdom souvenirs
  • Expedition Everest Store – Apparel and souvenirs themed around Expedition Everest.
  • Chester and Hesters – Disney toys and games including a large selection of souvenirs under te
  • Dino Institute – DINOSAUR merchandise including toys and apparel.
  • Finding Nemo: The Musical Cart – Finding Nemo plush toys and apparel and the soundtrack of the musical show.

Tip on saving money at Disney World. The two biggest expenses you will have on your Disney World vacation is: buying souvenirs (gifts for the children) and food. One way to save on the gifts for children is to have to wait all until the last day of your vacation to purchase their special present. This will give them the opportunity to look at everything Disney has to offer before making up their mind. The best places to go for kids souvenirs is EPCOT or Hollywood Studios.