Visiting Sea World During Pregnancy

SeaWorld Orlando may be the ideal theme park destination for pregnant women. While you’ll need to bypass the more vigorous rides like Manta and the Journey to Atlantis, there are plenty of shows and exhibits to keep you interested and occupied.

SeaWorld Rides and Shows

Most of Sea World’s rides that would be too intense for pregnant women are either clearly marked or clearly not a good idea; one look at Kraken and you’ll be sure to avoid it during pregnancy. The good news for pregnant women is that Sea World is large shows and experienced-based; you can enjoy watching Shamu and friends frolic just as much as your non-pregnant neighbors. You may want to avoid sitting in the “Splash Zone”, if your clothing is already a little uncomfortable, adding a few gallons of salted water to the mix won’t help.

Enjoy shows like One Ocean and Blue Horizons without reservation, then head to some of the on-site exhibits like Dolphin Cove and the fun frolics at Penguin Encounter. Exploring the different animal exhibits allows you to travel and view the park at your own pace; you can sit down and take breaks as needed.

Aquatica Overview

Aquatic, Sea World’s water park may not hold much appeal for pregnant women as a primary destination. If you are heading to Aquatica with the whole family, you can have a restful day by snagging a spot in the shade and sticking to mild water rides like Loggerhead Lane, the park’s lazy river. You can also enjoy the side of the park by side wave pools, Cutback Cove, and Big Surf Shores, just stick to the shallows and avoid the large crowds.

Discovery Cove

If you are looking for a luxurious marine-themed getaway, look no further than Discovery Cove. Since the park's capacity is capped at 1,000 guests per day, you won’t have to worry about crowds; you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the park and exhibits in comfort. Pregnant women will probably want to pass on the dolphin encounter, but a plunge into one of the other saltwater pools can be very invigorating. The natural buoyancy of saltwater will help take the excess weight off your joints; you may want to float the day away when you visit Discovery Cove during pregnancy.

Sea World during the first trimester

Sea World is not a huge park, so take your time exploring and build in plenty of rest time. Plan on seeing shows throughout the day, you’ll get a chance to sit down for a while at each show. If you have been experiencing morning sickness, avoid the animal exhibits before lunch; the odor may not bother most people, but if you are sensitive to smells while pregnant, it could be a problem.

Second Trimester

Enjoy the park in comfort when you visit Sea World during your second trimester. While some rides will still be off-limits, you will have more energy for other attractions. Consider taking time for a behind-the-scenes tour or special brunch; you’ll be able to enjoy both a meal and some time with Sea World's star animal performers.

Third Trimester

Stake out a spot in some of SeaWorld’s cool, quiet locations and watch the animals frolic in comfort. The tunnel at Dolphin Cove is a good spot to sit and rest while others in your party ride the more vigorous attractions.
While it is usually a good idea to find seats early when you head to a show venue, make sure you know where the restrooms are before you enter the stadium; some shows are longer than others and you may need to take a break sooner than your non-pregnant companions.
Consider staying at a Orlando luxury vacation home or a luxury resort if Sea World is one of your primary destinations; you’ll be able to unwind in a tranquil setting at the end of each day.

Before you leave home

Plan on visiting your doctor a day or two before you are scheduled to leave home. Not only will having a recent doctor’s appointment help you feel confident about your health and travel, but you’ll be able to ask any last-minute questions you may have about your trip. Heading to Orlando knowing both you and baby are doing well will set your mind at ease, and allow you to fully enjoy all that Sea World has to offer.