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SeaWorld for Guests with Wheelchairs

How will I see the shows?

seaworld guide for wheelchair users
All of the theaters and stadiums have accessible seating for guests using wheelchairs and one companion.  Additional members of the party may find seating nearby.
Be advised that some of the theaters and stadiums offer seats in the “Soak Zone” where guests may get splashed during the show, which may not be good for ECV’s.

Where can I park?

Parking for guests with disabilities is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  The parking lot is located near the main entrance to the park, and all of the spaces are van-accessible.  These spaces require a parking permit.

Are wheelchair rentals available?

Yes, rentals are available for wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicles (ECV’s) near the entrance to the park on the right side of Guest Services.  Rentals are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and you are able to reserve a rental up to 24 hours in advance by calling 1-888-800-5447.

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Theater Entrances:

All restrooms are wheelchair accessible.  Companion restrooms are located at: Main entrance next to “Exit Gifts” gift shop, Village Square across from Polar Parlor, Ice Cream Shop, Friends of the Wild Gift Shop,  Shark Encounter, Baby Care Center in Happy Harbor, Seafire Inn, Voyagers Restaurant.

Walk Through Exhibits

All gift shops are wheelchair accessible.  Gift shops offer a package pick-up service where you can shop and then pick up your packages on your way out of the park at Shamu’s Emporium at the park entrance.

What about the restaurants?

Most of the restaurant and dining options at Sea World are set up like a cafeteria.  Many of the lines are narrow and may be difficult to maneuver in a wheelchair or ECV.  If you need assistance, you can speak to a Sea World employee to request table service. A wheelchair accessible window is available at Sea Port Pizza, and full service dining is available at Sharks Underwater Grill.

Can I ride the rides with my wheelchair?

A few of the rides at SeaWorld Orlando allow you to ride your wheelchair on the theme park ride. On a few of the other rides you may have to transfer over to a wheelchair which is attached to the ride. We have provided a table below which will show you the ride accessibility for each ride at Sea World.

How will I wait in the lines?

Many of the attractions at the Sea World are accessible to guests in wheelchairs via the mainstream entrance of the attraction.  Others may require guests in wheelchairs to enter through a more convenient auxiliary entrance.  The auxiliary entrances are not designed to bypass the lines and may require waiting.

What about the rest of my party?

For the rides that have an auxiliary entrance for guests in wheelchairs, up to three members of the party may accompany the guest.  Additional members of the party may use the mainstream entrance.

Theater Entrances:

  • Atlantis Bayside Stadium—Wheelchair accessible seating on the top row of the main promenade.
  • Dolphin Theater—Guests with wheelchairs may enter through the lower right or lower left pathways or the center ramp.
  • Nautilus Theater—Guests with wheelchairs may enter through the left or right entry ramps.
  • Sea Lion and Otter Stadium—Guests with wheelchairs may use the ramp to the left of the main entrance across from the Xtreme Zone, or the lower left or right pathways.
  • Seaport Theater—Guests with wheelchairs may enter through the left or right.  Seating for guests with wheelchairs is available on the first row.
  • Shamu Stadium—Guests with wheelchairs may enter through the left, right, or center ramp.  Seating is available for a guest in a wheelchair along with one companion is available in the Promenade located in the “Splash Zone”.  See a team member for aassistance or if you would prefer not to sit in the Splash Zone.

Walk Through Exhibits (wheelchair accessibility throughout):

  • Jewels of the Seas Aquarium
  • Manatee Rescue
  • Penguin Encounter (moving walkway)
  • Shark Encounter (moving walkway)
  • Underwater Viewing