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SeaWorld Wild Arctic

SeaWorld Wild Arctic

We highly recommend for you to see SeaWorld in the least amount of backtracking as possible for the Wild Arctic to be your first exhibit you see and then move clock wise through the park. The Wild Arctic attraction begins with guests experiencing a motion-based simulator that takes guests on a thrilling helicopter journey through Arctic exploration. After a few minutes visitors enter Base Station, a scientific arctic research lab dedicated to the study of animals who survive in the harsh arctic weather. At base camp visitors will experience what life is like to live and work in some of the harshest conditions on earth.

Note: Those who wish to have a more relaxing version of the attraction can choose to ride on a stationary helicopter.

There is a 35 inch height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Even if the child is tall enough to ride the motion simulator, keep in mind that the ride is quite intense and may be quite frightening for young children.
ages 5-10 While some children are frightened, most enjoy the thrill of the motion helicopter. Everyone loves the amazing exhibits.
ages 11-15 The ride is a fun thrill for pre-teens and teens and the exhibits are unique and impressive.
ages 16-adult The ride is a fun thrill for adults and the exhibits are unique and impressive.
senior citizens Seniors who are sensitive to thrill rides should avoid the moving helicopter and choose to ride on the stationary version. The exhibits you tour after the ride are very impressive and are not to be missed.

SeaWorld Tip

Visit in the first hour the park is open or in the last two hours before park closing for shortest lines.