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SeaWorld Shark Encounter

If you have ever seen Jaws then you might not want to come in here. Seriously, this is one of the best attractions at SeaWorld. This exhibit allows you to travel through the worlds largest underwater acrylic tunnel where you will find yourself just inches away from some of the dangerous predators like eels, barracudas, venomous fish, and more than sixty sharks with the SeaWorld Shark Encounter. Some of the sharks you will see are: hammer heads, bull sharks, tiger sharks, and mini great whites.

The Shark Encounter is not a ride so there is not minimum height requirement.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 While some young kids are afraid of the sharks, most enjoy this amazing exhibit.
ages 5-10 Children 5 to 10 really like this attraction.
ages 11-15 This is one of the best attractions at SeaWorld.
ages 16-adult Teenagers to Adults everyone likes sharks.
senior citizens This is considered one of the best attractions in the park and is a must see.

SeaWorld Tip

For a small fee you can sleep in this exhibit with the sharks swimming over you all night long. Caution this is not for the weary. Check with the SeaWorld Guest Service Desk for requirements, cost, and availability.