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Shamu’s Happy Harbor

Shamus Expirance

SeaWorld Orlando is one of the most appropriate theme parks for small children. All the parks try to appeal to all ages, but SeaWorld nails it. There is so much to do at SeaWorld for small children, that they will probably remember their trip to this theme park above any other. Kids love the animals, sea life and shows, but there is a very large section of the park that is made just for them. It’s called Shamu’s Happy Harbor.

We were surprised at how large Shamu’s Happy Harbor is. SeaWorld invested a lot of space to younger children. We didn’t expect to see carnival-like games and arcades where kids (or anyone) can try the ring toss, shooting range, and lots more games where they can win prizes. You do have to pay for each game, but the prices are low, like $1 or $2. There were also quite a few rides designed for little ones and their families to ride together.

For instance, your young child can experience his or her first roller coaster ride in Shamu’s Happy Harbor. The ride is called the Shamu Express and a child must be at least 38 inches tall to ride. Kids don’t scream in fright on this ride. It just gives them a thrill. We saw only happy faces on this ride. Other rides are similar to what you would find at a carnival and all have a sea theme. Jazzy Jellies is a ride where your children are lifted and spun, giving everyone on board a great view of the Happy Harbor. There are several other fun rides for kids and their parents or older siblings.

In addition to the exciting rides, Shamu’s Happy Harbor has a four-story tall network of nets and tubes that kids can climb and crawl through. It’s called Pirate’s Nets and kids can spend hours and oodles of energy exploring this tubular world. Good luck getting your kids to come down when you get tired, though. Don’t worry, most areas are large enough for adults to crawl through in case you have to fetch your little one.

Among the obviously fun and thoughtful things for kids to do in Shamu’s Happy Harbor, there were little surprises as well. Some of the most different, fun things to do are not even listed on SeaWorld’s website. For example, there are large drums coming out of the ground that kids can beat on. It was the cutest thing to watch little kids who did not know each other join together to form a drum band. It’s set up almost like a little concert area, where kids are the center attraction and parents and passersby can watch and enjoy the drumbeats. It’s these little things that make Shamu’s Happy Harbor so enchanting. It’s a bright spot along your SeaWorld adventure, and one that may be the most memorable and enjoyable for your younger children.