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SeaWorld for Teens

Never Tool Old To Have an Amazing Time At SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld Orlando is a completely different type of theme park. While the park certainly offers thrilling rides in the form of Kraken, Journey to Atlantis and Wild Arctic, the focus is on the animals. SeaWorld is the only place in Orlando to experience dramatic dolphin and killer whale shows as well as amazing in-depth animal encounters. From petting a stingray to feeding a dolphin, you will be up close and personal with a wide variety of beautiful sea life.

Teens will love SeaWorld on a variety of different levels. From thrill rides to animal encounters, SeaWorld is truly a teenager’s dream. Provided here is a guide to just a few of the amazing experiences that teens will enjoy at SeaWorld.

Journey to Atlantis

This ride must be experienced to be believed. It begins as a log flume, then suddenly rounds a corner in the dark. Next thing you know, you’re on a roller coaster! Before your brain can process what happened, you’re on a log flume again, this time headed for a 60 foot drop nearly straight down! Add to all of this some incredible special effects, and Journey to Atlantis may just blow your mind. Deteails


You’ll likely be thoroughly soaked after your Atlantis experience, so what better way to dry off than on a roller coaster? Named after the mythical sea monster, Kraken is on of Orlando’s tallest and fastest coasters and floor-less as well. Not hanging from an overhead rail, the coaster glides along a track below, and you can look down and watch! Very amazing experience! Details

Wild Arctic

Thrill to the excitement of a wild motion simulator, then marvel at the rugged beauty of polar bears, walruses and beluga whales. Check out the Arctic Base Camp theme throughout the building as well. Details


Believe and Blue Horizons

Featuring killer whales and dolphins respectively, these huge production shows are sure to get you and your friends talking. Sit in a Soak Zone for max fun, but be prepared to get drenched to the bone! Details

Clyde and Seamore

See the daytime shows, then at night go to see Clyde and Seamore. This pair of trained sea lions parodies the other shows in hilarious high style! Prepare to laugh yourself silly! Details


This modern circus is presented in the Nautilus Theater. The aerial acts are astonishing and the special effects unparalleled — think Cirque du Soleil with an underwater theme. Breathtaking! Details

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Sea World Animal Exhibits

Feed and pet bottle nose dolphins at Dolphin Cove, feed and pet stingrays at Stingray Lagoon, throw fish to seals and sea lions at Pacific Point Preserve, or talk to the well trained Educators at Manatee Rescue, Turtle Point, Penguin Encounter and Shark Encounter. The exhibits are large and interactive, and you may be surprised how much you learn!

If you have only one day to spare, consider signing up for an in-depth animal interaction program. There are currently three interaction programs from which to choose: Sharks Deep Dive, Beluga Interaction Program, and Marine Mammal Keeper. Each of these programs is approximately a half day, and all can be reserved online.

In the Sharks Deep Dive, you will put on a wetsuit and a special diving helmet. The helmet will allow you to breathe normally and communicate with both your diving companion and those in charge of the program. Then you will enter a diving cage for a descent into the Shark Encounter. More than 50 sharks and thousands of fish will surround you! You must be over 10 years old and your parent will need to sign a permission form for you to participate.

The Beluga Interaction Program is one of the few opportunities you will ever have to spend personal time with these amazing white whales. You will spend some time with an Educator learning about Beluga Whales, then put on a wetsuit and enter the frigid waters of Wild Arctic. You will get to pet and interact with the whales, and even learn some hand signal commands. The complete focus is on your personal interaction with the whales. You must be 13 or older and your parents must sign a permission form.

The Marine Mammal Keeper Experience is perfect for those who are considering a career with animals. Beginning at 6:30 am, you will spend an entire day working side by side with SeaWorld’s animal care team. Animals with which you will work include manatees, beluga whales, dolphins, walruses and sea lions. This is a truly once in a lifetime experience. You must be 13 or older and receive a signed permission form from your parents. Be sure to reserve this one early, as only three people per day may participate.

Whether you are in the park for the day, or participating in one of SeaWorld’s special programs, you will find many activities to enjoy at SeaWorld Orlando. The park has just the right blend of thrill rides, exciting shows and up close and personal animal interactions. No matter what you decide to do, you will be thrilled and amazed around every corner!

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