SeaWorld Dining Options Part Two

No trip to a theme park is complete without experiencing the food that the park has to offer. SeaWorld in Orlando is a park that offers something for every kind of taste. Whether you're dining with children and need an atmosphere where they can be silly or a little loud, or as a couple looking for a quiet table for two, you will find what you're looking for at SeaWorld. Here are some details about each dining option at SeaWorld Orlando in order of the most casual to the finest dining.

A very casual place to eat at SeaWorld is Captain Pete's Island Eats. This is where you can get that old time theme park favorite- a hot dog. They also have funnel cakes, which echo a carnival feel from childhood days.

Another family friendly option is Seaport Pizza. As the name suggests, pizza is the main course. The kids' menu also offers chicken tenders, if there is a little picky eater in tow. Kids love the souvenir Shamu lunch boxes that they get when they eat at Seaport Pizza!
The Antarctic Market provides hot and ready meals for families on the go. There are also cold grab-and-go items. This can be a day saver if you find your schedule hard to keep. So much fun, so little time! There are plenty of salads and sandwiches to choose from, and don't forget to grab some dessert.

At the Terrace Caf, you'll find a wide variety of deli sandwiches and kids' meals. This is another location where kids can get their Shamu lunch box.

Mango Joe's is a perfect place for families to eat together. Kids can eat in comfort and parents don't have to be embarrassed or concerned that their active children will disturb the other diners. The food at Mango Joe's can be described as tropical island fare. Again, it's a location that offers the Shamu lunch boxes.

All of the restaurants mentioned so far offer walk-up, counter service. There is dining inside at Seaport Pizza. The others have inside and patio seating.

A slightly finer dining experience that still accommodates the whole family is Voyager's Smokehouse. This is a traditional BBQ style restaurant, complete with red and white checked picnic tablecloths. The menu offers ribs, chicken, corn on the cob and an assortment of kids' meals. The Shamu lunch boxes are available at Voyagers as well.

Spice Mill has a more refined look to it, but it is still family friendly and offers seating outside as well as inside. Burgers are their specialty, though salads are also available. This is yet another place where kids can get a Shamu lunch box.

If you have several people in your group with different cravings, Seafire Inn is the perfect compromise. Hungry for Italian food? Hankering for stir fry? You can get those and much more at Seafire Inn, even a turkey sandwich. There are also plenty of choices for kids, including the Shamu lunch boxes!

The most formal dining option at SeaWorld Orlando is Sharks Underwater Grill. Reservations are a must! But it's worth the wait. After hours of walking around in the sunshine, surrounded by crowds of people, it is so relaxing to enter the cool dark restaurant that feels like the bottom of a shark tank. The sit-down, full-service atmosphere is a welcome respite from the jubilant energy of the rest of the park. It's a real adventure when you eat at Sharks. The floor-to-ceiling plexiglass walls contain massive amounts of water and of course the main attraction- sharks!

Whether you are in search of a quick bite or a full-service experience, you will find it at SeaWorld Orlando. If you are there long enough to enjoy lunch and dinner at the park, try two different options. That way you can really get a "taste" of what SeaWorld has to offer.

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