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Aquatica for Teens

Ride with the Dolphins

Orlando Vacation AquaticaTeenagers are some of the most frequent customers to water parks. It makes sense. They love roller coasters and thrill rides. They love the water. Add water together with roller coaster-like rides, and you have a naturally fun combination. Obviously, Florida is typically hot. People look forward to a theme park where they can actually stay cool in ninety degree weather. That’s why these days, families who visit the Central Florida area have begun adding a water park into their other theme park plans. Now there is a new option- Aquatica.

SeaWorld’s water park Aquatica in Orlando, Florida may not have the most extreme water rides, but it is a very fun place to spend the day. The park was designed to be a safe and exciting experience for people of all ages. Young children to older adults find things to love about this water park. Aquatica is especially fun for teen aged kids.

One of the things that teens and parents appreciate about Aquatica is that being a smaller park, everyone in the family can kind of spread out across the park and do their own thing, but still be minutes away from each other at almost all times. Parents can feel comfortable taking younger children to their play areas, while the older kids hit the bigger rides.

Favorite Teen Rides at Aquatica

One of Aquatica’s coolest rides is the Dolphin Plunge, where two riders go down separate tubes at the same time and end up shooting through clear tubes past the swimming hole of some cute and playful Commerson’s Dolphins. Another ride loved by teens is the Taumata Racer. The exciting thing about this ride is that you can go head to head with your friends in a race to the finish. Part of the ride is an enclosed tube in total darkness. Then you go plunging almost straight down a giant water slide and come to a very soggy stop at the bottom. This ride is fast and furious, but so much fun. As soon as you finish, you want to run back around and go again.

Teens also love the wave pools, as is evident by the fact that 80% of those in the wave pools are teenagers. The goal seems to be to try to find the section of the pool with the largest waves. There you can see them going up and down, up and down for seemingly hours. To them, it is a good place to meet and hang out with other teens. Riding rides is not the best way to have a conversation. Here they can share their best riding adventures of the day while riding the waves.

It’s true that as water rides go, Aquatica’s are not the most extreme. So another great thing about this water park is that if a person has never been to a water park before, this is a good place to start. Starting with HooRoo Run and Walhalla Wave is a pretty mild way to learn what water rides are all about. Before long, they’ll be riding Tassie’s Twisters and Whanou Way like pros. It’s a good way for teens to ease into these types of rides while not looking like they’re afraid in front of the other teens. That’s one of the things I love most about Aquatica. There are so many differing levels of intensity for new and veteran water park attendees. No wonder so many teens love Aquatica!