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Aquatica for Adults

Could this be Orlando’s Best Waterpark? Meet Aquatica!

aquatica water park teensSea World’s new water park – Aquatica, is more than just a park for young children. Some people have said they get the impression that this Orlando theme park is strictly for children, and that adults could find themselves bored there. I am happy to say that my husband and I went, with no children, just the two of us, and we had a wonderful time!

The creators of SeaWorld Orlando did a great job of making sure that this new park appeals to children and adults alike. Right from the beginning, it is easy to see that they spared no expense. Just walking in from the parking lot, we noted the beautiful, lush landscaping lining the walkways. From that moment on, we knew we were officially on vacation. The beauty causes you to feel relaxed and excited all at once. Landscaping is a good sign; they don’t put that kind of effort in for children, who hardly notice things like foliage and trees. So, they really seem to cater to adults, while offering tons of fun for kids.

Throughout the park, we did see lots of families with children, but we also saw some older couples and honeymooners walking around without children. The water rides are really fun and built with all ages in mind. Some of the people that we saw looked like they had no intention of riding the many water rides that the park offers. With their beach bags in hand, and sunglasses and brimmed hats on, they walked into the park and went immediately to the beach area where they set up camp under one of the many large umbrellas.

Many of the older people accompanying the families, seemed to be there to enjoy the beach and beauty, while helping out by watching the family stuff- beach bags, towels, coolers, and strollers. We found them reading in their beach chairs, applying the occasional sunscreen to miniature noses and shoulders, and acting as security guards for all the family fun stuff.

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Water parks are not just for kids! There is plenty of fun things for adults to enjoy while soaking up the Orlando sunshine at Aquatica.

We didnt have anyone to watch our stuff, but we were able to rent a locker, which freed us up to wander the park and ride all the rides. Yes, even adults enjoy the water slides and tubes, the lazy river, and the tide pools. My husband and I found ourselves giggling on almost every ride. It was so much fun! I guess I could say that Aquatica brought out the kids in us. We enjoyed our lunch at the park, browsing the shops, and just hanging out at the beach. I can see how the park would be a lot of fun for kids, but believe me, we sure had our share of fun on some of the cool Aquatica rides , and we had a great time relaxing at this new park!

Insider’s Tip:

Leave your cell phone behind when you come to Aquatica. With so much water it is bound to get wet, and you will be having so much fun you will not need it.

The water park is not too large and is easy to navigate through. While looking online for helpful tips for planning a day at Aquatica, we found that there really wasn’t that much information online about the park. That’s why we wrote our Aquatica Tips article that provides you with some helpful ideas for your day at the water park.