One Of Orlando’s Most Family-Friendly Halloween Events

Halloween has returned with your favorite treats, costumes, Sesame Street friends, & lots of scary surprises. Give your family all the fun of SeaWorld Spooktacular® on your next Orlando Vacation!

Kids will love the treats during this daytime theme event as they experience the decorated hallways and come across all kinds of characters that are colorful. This is just the starting! From scary stories and Halloween dance parties to moments with furry friends like Graf von Graf, Cookie Monster, Elmo, and more. SeaWorld Orlando Spooktacular operates on weekends from September 18 to October 31 and includes admission to the park. Stay at our beautiful Orlando hotels or Orlando vacation home rentals.

Halloween Spooktacular Characters

You don’t have to go underwater to meet beautiful mermaids in Orlando, just visit SeaWorld! Towards the end of the Festival Route, on the right, you will see the mermaid Grotto. One of the many mystical mermaids will visit your shells to take photos and have fun conversations! This 2021, the experience will be immersive and mermaids will greet guests at a safe distance. Tadpoles can temporarily remove their masks for a quick photo.

The Halloween Spooktacular Costumes

Of course, costumes are part of the fun of Halloween. Unlike other Halloween parties in the area, costumes don’t matter much at SeaWorld. We think it’s something in between because costumes are appreciated and admired, but not required. They can dress or dress comfortably, or anywhere in between. This is a great option if you want to be in the mood without packing the whole outfit for the event.

Halloween Spooktacular Trick or Treat

SeaWorld is a great place for a stress-free trick or treat. As mentioned above, SeaWorld requires participating visitors to purchase a reusable bag for tricks or treats from the park to avoid human contact. For $ 2.49 each, the bags feature a very cute design of dolphins, sharks, and penguins in disguise. You can purchase these at various points in the park, including the park entrance and the Wild Arctic trail entrance.

Easy Access to Sesame Street Land – When your tadpole enters the Sesame Street alley, don’t forget to stop by Sesame Street Land! Located near the entrance to the Trick-or-Treat trail and just outside the Halloween maze, this land takes guests straight to Sunny Days, with attractions perfect for the youngest enthusiasts, interactive experiences, and the ability to count von Greet Count and Big Aves.

As if this doesn’t sound fun enough, the spooktacular event is included in your daily SeaWorld admission. If you haven’t booked your family for this family-friendly Fall event yet, we highly recommend you add it to your itinerary as a must-do. Book your tickets with us today!