Taking time to enjoy a vacation with your teenagers doesn’t have to break your bank. Check out these simple tips to save money on your trip to Orlando.

Visiting Just One Theme Park

There are many theme parks in Orlando and your teens are going to want to visit them all. Disney World offers unique theming and a truly magical experience, while Universal has thrills that can’t be beaten. While it can be tempting to try and do both in one trip, keep in mind that your ticket costs go down dramatically the longer your ticket is. For example, a 2-day park-hopper ticket costs you just under $100 per day, while a 6-day park-hopper ticket costs just over $60 per day.

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Rent An Orlando Vacation Home

Many parents assume that the perks of staying onsite at a Disney resort are worth the extra cost, but the reality is that not only will it cost you hundreds more than staying offsite, you’ll also all be stuck in a single hotel room. Renting an Orlando vacation home starts at just $99 and gives everyone their own space. Plus every home has its own private pool!

orlando vacation home

Bring Your Own Meals/Snacks

It’s no secret that many teenagers love to eat! They seem to always be hungry and never satisfied. This can be an expensive problem to have in Disney World, where a single meal can cost you upwards of $15. The solution? Make your own meals and/or snacks and bring them into the parks. You can bring soft coolers, any type of food, and any type of non-alcoholic drinks. Some families make full meals while others bring an assortment of snacks and head back to their vacation home to prepare a fresh dinner.


The cost of souvenirs can add up. Many of the things you want to buy in the parks can be bought elsewhere for much cheaper. If you do want to bring something back from your trip, let your teens know in advance what their limit is. You may tell them they can buy a single souvenir, or buy Disney Gift Cards and let them buy what they want – but when the money is gone it’s gone.

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Plan For Down Days

If your teens are typical, they’re going to want pool time, they’re going to want days to sleep in – they’re going to want to relax! Instead of getting frustrated at the “wasted” time, let them take a down day or two. This will save you money on tickets, food, entertainment – the whole caboodle – and will give them their much-needed resting time.