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Walt Disney World Vacation PackagesThere are many decisions to make as you plan your Orlando vacation, and one of the first is often which parks to visit. While visiting all three major parks Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld, may seem like the ideal vacation, the reality is that it can be more expensive to do so than to pick one park and spend all your time there. Let’s take a look at the Orlando theme parks ticket options and how you can get the best deal on tickets.

Walt Disney World Ticket Prices

The base Walt Disney World ticket gives you access to a single park per day. The tickets get more affordable per day the more days you purchase. In fact, after the fourth day it’s only $20 more per day. For example, if you bought a Walt Disney World Base Ticket from us, a four-day base ticket is currently $345.00 while a 5 Day is $365.

Disney Single Park Ticket Prices (2016-2017) Ages 3 - 9 Ages 10+
2 day tickets $202 $214
3 day tickets $266 $286
4 day tickets $325 $345
5 day tickets $345 $365
6 day tickets $360 $380
10 day tickets $410 $430

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There are also extra add on options you made add such as the famous park hopper option, which allows you to visit more than one park per day, and water parks and more, which gives you access to the water parks. These extras can actually be added at the park and there is no cost savings to adding the extras beforehand. As a result, the best bet is to buy base tickets and then add the extras at the parks if you find you need them. In a recent survey nearly 70% of the guest who bought multiple day Walt Disney World tickets got the Park Hopper Option but only 65% of those guest actually hopped from park to park. The Park Hopper adds around $50 per ticket.

Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure Ticket Prices

universal studios islands of advenureJust as you’ll find with the Disney World tickets, Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure prices go down significantly on a per-day basis the longer you stay. However, their significant price drop happens after the 2-day ticket.

There are extras you can add to Universal Tickets too, like Unlimited Express, which allows you to skip the lines on most rides. This addition is quite costly and is typically not recommended unless you plan to go during peak periods. Other additions include their park-to-park admission, which is the same thing as a park hopper – you’re allowed to go from one park to another on the same day.

Special Universal Studios Ticketing Buying Advice:

Multiple Park Tickets

In the summer of 2017 Universal Studios is opening their waterpark Volcano Bay. If you are traveling during the Summer or Spring it is highly recommended to get the multiple park ticket. To add this option does not cost that much money and you and your kids will be thrilled that you can see all the Universal Studios can offer.

Express Pass

If the lines are extremely long and you get tired of waiting in line to ride the rides, you can purchase the Express Pass after 4pm it is half price.

SeaWorld Ticket Prices

Book Seven Day Orlando Packages - Orlando All You Can SeeUnlike the other two parks, SeaWorld Orlando can typically be done in a single day. As a result, there aren’t significant discounts the longer you stay. The best SeaWorld ticket to buy is the 1 Day Admission with All Day Dining. This ticket cost around $20 more than the 1 day admission but you get a full meal at selected restaurants inside the park and free soft drink refills throughout the day. In the long run this ticket really does save you a lot of money.

The Simplest Way to Get the Best Discount

There are a lot of variables in play, and many different options. Your best bet is to get your tickets through We can help you find the right tickets for your Orlando vacation, and we offer a discount over the gate price at each park.

You can also place your vacation package order today, put down a small $50 deposit, and not have to pay the balance until 15 days before you trip. This has a few advantages, including giving you the opportunity to lock in today’s rates even if you don’t pay for your tickets for months.

Need help to create your custom package or don’t know where to start? Ask one of our Orlando Vacation Experts always ready to answer your Disney questions.

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