A Brief Overview

All About the Animals

Though there are similarities between SeaWorld Orlando and other Orlando theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando, at SeaWorld it’s all about the animals. It’s the only place in Orlando where you can take in a dolphin or killer whale show, and the only place to have in-depth and up-close animal encounters. The mysteries and magic await you at this exciting and informative theme park.

Popular SeaWorld Orlando Rides

There are many things to explore at SeaWorld Orlando, including a number of exciting rides.

Journey to Atlantis - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Journey to Atlantis

It all starts with a log flume ride, then suddenly you’re in the dark rushing through a roller coaster track. This water ride meets roller coaster attraction includes a 60-foot drop and tons of amazement.

Kraken - SeaWorld Orlando 101


If you’re looking to get soaked, Kraken is right for you! Named after a mythical sea monster, this is one of the tallest and fastest coasters in Orlando.

Wild Artic - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Wild Artic

This wild motion simulator shows you what it feels like to be up close and personal with beluga whales, polar bears, walruses and more.

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These are just a few of the exciting rides that await you at SeaWorld.

Fun and Fascinating Animal Exhibits at SeaWorld Orlando

Most visitors who stop by SeaWorld do it for the animals. There are several different areas that house a variety of marine animals.

Dolphin Cove - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Dolphin Cove

As the name implies, this is where you can pet and even feed bottlenose dolphins.

Stingray Lagoon - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Stingray Lagoon

Meet, feed, and pet stingrays at this fascinating exhibit.

Pacific Point Preserve - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Pacific Point Preserve

Seals and sea lions are the animals to meet here, and a few lucky guests get to throw out their daily ration of fresh fish.

Insider’s Tip

Begin your day at the Wild Arctic Adventure and work your way clockwise through the park. The show times will match up and allow you to walk from show to the next with minimal wait times.

In-Depth Animal Interaction Programs

If you’ll only be spending a single day at SeaWorld, then an in-depth animal interaction program may be worth your while. There are many options, including:

Sharks Deep Dive - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Sharks Deep Dive

Put on your wetsuit, don a special diving helmet that allows you to breathe normally and communicate with your instructor, and you’ll be ready to head into a tank with more than 50 sharks and thousands of fish. This adventure is only for those 10 and up.

Beluga Interaction Program - SeaWorld Orlando 101

Beluga Interaction Program

One of the only programs in the world to get you up close and personal with these white whales, the Beluga Interaction Program begins with an instructional session and ends with a wetsuit and a unique experience in the frigid waters of the Wild Arctic. For this event, only those 13 and older can participate.

Affordable SeaWorld Hotels

The cool, deep waters of SeaWorld offer mysteries, adventure, and a wonderful time for the whole family. Check out affordable and convenient SeaWorld hotels to make the most of your stay, and make sure you stay on top of all the newest experiences at SeaWorld.