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Travel On A Budget to Orlando With Teens In Mind

Orlando vacation On A Budget With Teens

When you’re traveling with a teenager, you can run up a pretty big tab on your Orlando vacation. They’ll want to do all sorts of extra cost activities and rack up the souvenir purchases. Fortunately, there are ways to bring your teens to Orlando and still escape with your budget relatively unscathed.

Here are four helpful tips:

Stick to pay-one-price activities

Fortunately, the major theme parks like the four Disney parks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and SeaWorld Orlando include pretty much everything once you pay for your admission ticket. Sure, they do have some extras, like food, arcades, and souvenirs, but for the most part your teens will be able to do whatever they want.

If you want to spend some time exploring other activities with your teens in the Orlando area, you can choose other all-inclusive parks. For example, Fun Spot and Old Town are smaller parks near Disney World that have all-you-can-ride options for their go karts and carnival rides. Water parks like Aquatica and Wet ‘n Wild are all inclusive, too.

You’ll do even better if you purchase a vacation package that include free or deeply discounted theme park tickets. Check out OrlandoVacation.com for current offers, which often include free tickets to the Disney parks if you purchase a package for a specific number of nights. The website will have the most recent specials.

Buy all-day dining at SeaWorld Orlando and Universal

Teenagers often have voracious appetites, and that can drive you into the poor house if you’re trying to feed them while paying theme park prices for food. Growing teen boys are especially known for the amount of food they can consume without a second thought.

Fortunately, both SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando Resort have all-day dining options. You pay one price, and your teens can eat and drink as much as they want all day at selected restaurants. It’s a great money saver that lets them fill their stomachs or sate their sweet tooth whenever they want.
The trouble you run into with these dining plans is that they require you to book a vacation package. You might end up paying more in the end if you want to visit other parks.

Put your teens on a budget

Teenagers are old enough to earn their own money if they want to buy pricey souvenirs. You can put them on a budget of money you provide. Then give them opportunities to earn extra spending money before you leave on vacation. They can do yard work, extra chores around the house, babysit for younger siblings, or anything else you can think of that will help you out.

Stay at a hotel with lots of activities

You can take a day off from the theme parks, which saves you on admission costs, if you stay at a hotel or resort that has plenty of free or low-cost on-site activities. For example, Liki Tiki is a great choice for families with teens because it offers a Huge Waterpark complete with a number of heated pools, water slides, water shoots etc. They also have a huge fishing lake with a private beach…that’s right a white sandy beach and here they offer kayaks and paddle boats. Want to do something in the late afternoon try your hand at miniature golf or maybe a set of tennis.

Regal Palms is a colossal resort with 3 and 4BR Town Homes and only 12 minutes to the Main Gate of Disney. They also feature a Water Park with a lazy river, a number of slides, water shoots and a kiddie pool. They also have a Day Spa for mom who may desire to work the stress out when doing a day at the Theme Parks…all in all, great times can be had by visiting OrlandoVacation.com