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5 Essential Tips for Planning a Family Reunion in Orlando

What better place for a destination family reunion than Orlando? There’s something fabulous for everyone to do – regardless of their interests or age. But before you head out on your trip of a lifetime, consider these 5 essential tips to planning a successful family reunion in Orlando.

Use social media to keep everyone involved in the planning

Facebook makes it easy to stay in the loop and have a centralized area for updated information on where you’re staying, when the trip is, and what people can expect. Create a group for your reunion and add everyone to it. They can create polls, add pictures, and ask questions for everyone. It’s best to have one person in charge of the overall planning, but having all the information and brainstorming in one area makes it easy for everyone to stay on top of where you are in the planning phase.

Not everyone in your reunion will be on Facebook, but there’s a good chance that at least one person from every group will be. For example, your great-aunt Carol may not be on Facebook, but her daughter might be. Make it your job to get the information on Facebook and the job of each family to make sure that those who aren’t on Facebook get the important details as they become available.

Keep ages in mind when choosing accommodations

It’s likely that the most affordable accommodations for your large group will be a vacation rental home. These homes are all within 15 minutes of Disney World and offer tons of amenities like private pools, separate living and sleeping areas, full kitchens, and washer and dryers.

Depending on the size of your group, you may need to rent a few houses. Typically you’ll find homes with anywhere from 3 – 6 bedrooms. As you decide who will be staying with who, keep the ages of each family in mind. You likely want all the kids staying together in one home, while the older adults can stay together in another home. This allows for different bed times and early mornings for families in different stages of their lives.

Find a Orlando Vacation Home for your Family Reunion

Save money and have room to spread out along with plenty of amenities such as a private pool with a Platinum Orlando Vacation home.

Plan some adult-only activities

It’s common for families to focus on the kids when they’re visiting the theme park capital of the world, but there’s plenty to do in Orlando for the adults, too. Plan an adults-only night to drink around the world at the World Showcase in Epcot, do some shopping at Downtown Disney, or to visit some other adult-friendly Orlando attractions.

You’ll find plenty of highly reviewed, certified and licensed babysitting services, many of which will come right to your vacation home to take care of the kiddos. If there are parents who aren’t comfortable with this arrangement, then perhaps you can take a few nights and switch off on babysitting duties. One night one group of adults can stay home with the kids, and then next night they can go out. Just make sure everyone who wants a night off gets one.

Don’t plan on doing everything together

Everyone has different expectations when they go on vacation. Some may want to hit the parks the moment they open and stay until they close, while others will want to have a leisurely breakfast and head over in the early afternoon. Don’t try to force everyone to stick to one schedule.

Instead, make it as simple as deciding which park you’ll be visiting each day and plan a meal together for everyone. For example, you could say Tuesday is Magic Kingdom day and make a reservation at the Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner. Everyone could tour on their own, or in groups if they’d like, and meet up for dinner. This makes it easy for people to tour the way they want to, but still have plenty of quality family time together.

Insider’s Tip:

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Don’t forget to look for discounts

Many families don’t realize that though it can be expensive to visit Orlando, there are all sorts of discounts available to savvy travelers. The best way to save is to visit during the off-season, which is essentially anytime most schools are in session. You can also purchase discount theme park tickets, and read about various ways to save money on your Disney vacation. With a little bit of time, you could save everyone a significant amount off your trip.

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