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How to Make FastPass + Reservations in 10 Easy Steps

Enjoy the parks without the hassle

When you plan your Disney vacation in advance and get your tickets early, you can start making FastPass reservations 30 days before the start of your trip. It’s a great way to build excitement and get everyone involved in the planning process. Kids have a hard time waiting for their vacation to begin, but it’s much easier when they join the planning and know that they’re going to be able to enjoy their must-do rides and shows, no matter how long the lines are when they arrive.

Once you get your tickets, download the My Disney Experience app on your tablet or smart phone and link the tickets on a computer to prepare for the planning process. Now, starting at 30 days out, you can choose up to three FastPass+ attractions per day. They must all be in the same park. However, once you use them all when you’re on vacation, you can make a fourth selection at one of the park kiosks, and it can be for any of the four Disney parks (the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, or Disney’s Animal Kingdom). Use that one and you can book another…and another…until the day ends, there are no more FastPasses available, or your family is just plain exhausted from all the fun.

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Step by Step on setting your Walt Disney World FastPass+

Step: 1

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 1

Create a My Disney Experience account at www.mydisneyexperience.com.

Step: 2

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 2

Add your family members to the account.

Step: 3

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 3

Link the tickets to the family members’ names. The system will then know how many days of FastPass+ experiences you can reserve. You cannot use the system if you do not link your tickets. If you don’t have a ticket to link you will not be able to reserve FastPasses.

Step: 4

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 4

On the MyDisneyExperience tab, select FastPass+. This will take you to a screen that says Select a Day. (If you click on the calendar icon after the date it will bring up the month and show the 30 day window.) Once a day has been selected, a green check will appear under that date. Click the green next on the lower right corner

Step: 5

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 5

Next, select your family members. You can use the “select all” button to easily choose everyone. Click “next” when the green selected check marks appear.

Step: 6

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 6

Now select the park you wish to visit that day. Choose wisely because all three of your initial FastPasses will have to be at that park, even if you have park hopper tickets. Click “next” after you make your selection.

Step: 7

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 7

For the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, select the three attractions you want to reserve. Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios are a little more complicated because they have a tier system. You can select one attraction from Group A and two from Group B. Some of the attractions might be greyed out and not selectable. This happens when something is down for refurbishment or, more commonly, if all the available FastPass+ times have already been selected for a very popular attraction. A “prioritize the order” screen will pop up, but you can skip it and click “next.”

Step: 8

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 8

You’ll see four tabs of options and times, with “Best Match!” highlighted. Click on each tab to see the times automatically selected for you and click one of the options. The times can be adjusted on the next screen.
Check to make sure that the attractions you want are on the list. Sometimes the system will substitute something else when limited times are available and the time gap between the reservations gets too long. Click “next”to confirm your selections.

Step: 9

Walt Disney World Fast Pass Reservation - Step 9

Congratulations! You now have confirmed FastPasses. At this point you have three choices. If you are happy with the times and have more days to plan, click “Plan Another Day” and repeat the selection process. If you have no more days left to plan, click “Done.”

Additional information to help you plan

Here are two things to remember as you go through the process: You cannot have two overlapping FastPasses, and you cannot get two FastPass+ reservations for the same attraction on the same day. Once you’re all done, you’ll simply wave your ticket at the FastPass+ reader at the entrance to each attraction and waltz into the special short line. If you prefer, you can buy a Magic Band and link it to your ticket. Simply wave the band and, like magic, you’re in!

Plan your trip early, get your tickets ahead of time, and follow these ten steps to ensure a seamless vacation that lets you do all your Disney favorites with little to no wait.

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