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Avoid These Pitfalls and Cut the Stress for Your Upcoming Disney World Vacation

Plan your parks and activities

Walt Disney World has four theme parks and two water parks, so you’ll want to plan out the parks to visit before your trip. Not only does it get the kids excited, but it also ensures that you’ll get to do everyone’s “must do” activities.

For example, if your kids are younger, you’ll want to be sure to plan lots of time at the Magic Kingdom. Fantasyland and New Fantasyland are magical places for toddlers and tots. Teenagers usually prefer thrills like the Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and if you’ve got a house full of young animal lovers, Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a no-miss place. You’ll win lots of “Great Dad” points if you have Phineas and Ferb fans in your family and take them to Epcot to play Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure.

If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World before, you won’t be familiar with all the attractions, so buy a guide book or do some online research. That’s a great way to get the kids all fired up with excitement as they pick their must-dos and help you make the family vacation schedule.

Plan the budget

Nothing makes dads more nervous than the prospect of a vacation that breaks the budget. There’s no reason to let that happen when you take the kids to Walt Disney World. There are so many great planning resources that you’ll easily be able to put together a budget for lodging, tickets, food, and souvenirs.

One great way to keep costs in line is to visit OrlandoVacation.com, which has some excellent vacation packages. There are hotels and resorts to fit any budget and special deals with free or cheap theme park tickets. Imagine how much it would help your budget if you got free Disney admission. Check the OrlandoVacation.com website for their current offers…but be aware they are only offered for a limited time.

Pick a good place to stay

If you’re not familiar with the area around Walt Disney World, you might be a little nervous about whether you’ve picking a good hotel. You don’t have to stress out about it if you book with us! The website features comfortable properties in some of the best areas surrounding Disney, like Highway 192 and State Road 535. Both of those areas cater to tourists, with lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, and smaller attractions to enjoy between your theme park days.

You can even book a hotel right inside Walt Disney World, within walking distance of the Downtown Disney area, or by International Drive, a major tourist destination on its own, with attractions like the Titanic Experience, WonderWorks, Fun Spot, the Wet ‘N Wild water park, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. The rates you will find are most attractive indeed, but like everything else in life, if you chance to snooze you lose for the partnered hotels only permit a small limited number of their rooms to be sold at the wholesale rates.

Plan Your Disney World Vacation with Lines in Mind

One of the ways that you can down on the stress of the upcoming Disney Vacation is to avoid the long lines at the popular rides. Most first timers are not aware how massive the Disney World Resort is. It is huge and each and every week it caters to over a million tourists. No wonder it is the most popular family destination in the world. But this popularity ushers in long lines at popular rides.

To avoid lines plan to take the trip when most kids are in school. It is extremely crowded during the Christmas and Easter Spring Break periods and the month of July. Planning around these popular times will cut stress.

Don’t forget to use the Fast Pass that is included in all of the Disney World Theme Park tickets. This permits you the opportunity to return to the most popular rides and break line like you are a VIP…it is a cool “no cost” feature and one you will want to use at all times.

Insider Tip: It’s the future! Download an application on your mobile phone that shows you how long the lines are. Get a fst pass for the longest lines to save yourself a lot of time.

Once you know how much you want to spend, choose a package that fits your budget, and select a nice, family-friendly hotel in a good area, the potential pitfalls are all taken care of. Instead of stressing out, kick back and enjoy the happy anticipation until you head out to Florida with your family.