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The Daytona 500: What You Can Expect on Race Day

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The Daytona 500: What You Can Expect on Race Day

If you’re planning to experience one of the most exciting events, the Daytona 500, then you’re likely both excited and a little apprehensive. What can you expect on race day? What needs to be planned for? We’ve come up with answers to all the most frequently asked questions. Read on to check out this simple guide to all the ins and outs of what to expect – and what to plan for – as it gets closer and closer to race day.

Parking at Daytona 500

Parking is free and there are shuttles

You can park for free in Lot 7. This is just north of the track. It is a little bit far to walk, but there’s good news – free shuttles run to and from the stadium. This ensure that parking is both free and convenient for every fan. If you download the mobile app for the Daytona International Speedway, you can actually save the location of your vehicle on race day and quickly find it when the race is over.

binoculars for Daytona 500

Bring binoculars

This newly renovated stadium offers great views from just about everywhere, we still recommend that you grab a pair of binoculars to bring with you. This allows you to get a closer look at your favorite driver, or experience watching a pit stop in great detail.

Portable Radio

Bring a portable radio

Sure, you’re watching the race live, but listening to someone calling the action can be a great way to enhance the experience. You can’t keep your eyes on every inch of the track at once, so let the pros do it for you. Just tune in to WNDB in Daytona Beach to get the MRN broadcast. If you’d rather read about it, you can keep up to date on the Twitter feeds of drivers, teams, and the speedway itself. The stadium also offers FanVision Bolts for rent at the stadium, which lets you listen in on the drivers and the crew.

weather gear for Daytona 500

Be prepared for various weather options

It’s true that one thing spectators love about the Daytona 500 is that it has some excellent weather. That said, Mother Nature doesn’t make any guarantees. Be ready for weather of any type. Bring a rain poncho, sunscreen, and sunglasses. You may want to dress in layers so that you’re ready for cooler weather and warmer weather. Note: You can’t bring umbrellas into the stadium.

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best comfortable shoes - Daytona 500

Break in comfortable shoes before race day

The free shuttle from the parking lot to the stadium can cut down on the amount of walking you’ll have to do, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of walking. There’s a lot to see at the Daytona 500 so we recommend bringing a pair of comfortable shoes. We also recommend that you make sure to break them in before the race week to ensure there are no surprises.

Earplugs for Daytona500

Bring ear plugs

There’s no way around it: Daytona 500 is loud. You’ll love the energy and excitement that comes with 40 cars racing around at speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour. That said, after a while, the decibel level can get overwhelming. Having a pair of earplugs with you is a great option to give yourself a break when needed.

Daytona500 OrlandoVacation

Be prepared to meet some of the greats

You may be surprised by how many people you can run into on the new Midway and throughout the stadium. Remember that the 2018 Daytona 500 is also going to have a Sprint Fanzone, where drivers will be around to sign autographs. Between these signing sessions, garage sessions, sponsor appearances, and just walking around, you could meet your favorite driver of all time. Bring a Sharpie to get stuff signs, and perhaps bring any memorabilia you’d want signed.

Cooler for Daytona500

Bring a cooler with much of what you need

To maximize your experience and minimize the cost, bring your own cooler from home. You can fill it with a wealth of food and drinks to keep you hydrated and fed. That said, there are limits on what you can bring. Make sure you check the venue policies so you’re not forced to leave your well-packed cooler behind.