If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how Universal Orlando pulls together some of its fantastic rides, events and character performances, stop by the Orange County Regional History Center this winter. You’ll be treated to an exhibition entitled “The Serious Art of Make Believe”, which details much of Universal Orlando’s rich 20 year history of theme park magic.

UNiversal sketchbook images

Get a behind the scenes look at some of your favorite Universal shows and events.

The Museum, located right in the city, is a fun detour any time of year, but will be a great addition to your Orlando vacation while this exhibit is running. The Serious Art of Make Believe features concept art and actual set pieces from a variety of Universal Orlando attractions and events.

Visitors can see artwork, mockups and models from the last 20 years of Halloween Horror Nights, Christmas and various other holiday festivities. The exhibit has a hands-on component as well, allowing visitors to create their own works of art, inspired by the pros at Universal.

The Serious Art of Make Believe runs through the end of April, 2012. The exhibit is included with your general museum admission ($9.00 for adults, $6.00 for kids, children under age 4 are free).