Cutting The Cord

Cost Cutting Tips For Your Orlando Vacation Rental

Recently I met with one of our homeowners, and he was telling me that he was spending $200 a month! The homeowner told me the $200 was for cable TV, phone, and internet for his vacation home. I was shocked! He gave me a copy of his bill, and he was paying a little over $200 a month. So we went to work to educate ourselves on how he could reduce his monthly Cable, Internet, and Phone bill.

Emergency Landline

Just as a quick side note, we can’t cut out any of these required services. By law, there has to be a phone for emergency services. Everyone nowadays does carry a mobile phone, but in case of an emergency, a guest has to have access to a landline to call for help. Generally, for overall satisfaction, guests typically demand cable TV and internet.

Too Many Cable Boxes?

We examined why this owner’s bill was so high. He had a 4-bedroom vacation home, and he was paying for 5 cable boxes (one in the living room and each bedroom). He had premium internet speed, and he had a basic landline phone.

Shop Around

A special Spectrum was running cut the owners bill down to $44.99 a month which included cable in one room, Internet, and phone, and it required no contract for this bundle price. In the bedrooms, having the smart TVs connected to Philo is a great idea. In researching the streaming devices, this one is the best for vacation homes because you can have a master account and the guest cannot gain access to this account where they could block you out. Philo is also $20 a month, and up to 3 people can be logged in at one time.

Saved $138.49 A Month!

So we got our homeowners bills down from over $200 a month to $64.99. We changed his plan with Spectrum, returned his 4 cable boxes which he had in the bedrooms, and installed Philo on the bedroom TV. This saved our homeowner $138.49 a month or an annual savings of $1661.88!

Let Us Help Manage Your Property

If your current management company is not assisting you with lowering your bills, then let us help manage your property. Owning a vacation home is just like owning a business, your income has got to be greater than your expenses. If you’d like to learn more about how we can keep your expenses low as a property manager, please give us a call today at 1-800-641-4008 ext. 7007.


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