The manatees are known as the cows of the ocean, and these giants of the sea are truly cute when you can see them up close and personable. The Manatees exhibit allows guests to see Florida manatees up close and learn about the dangers this species is currently facing. This is truly a sad show if you care about Manatees as they are slowly becoming an extinct animal do to boating and their food sources are being cut off.

We need to remember SeaWorld has two functions: a) their first job is to rescue and preserve animals and b) to educate people about how to preserve our wild life. They rescue animals and raise them back to health and educate the public on how to be aware of the wildlife around by entertaining guests with a theme park setting.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 This age group is a little young to appreciate this attraction.
ages 5-10 This age group tends to get a little board with this attraction.
ages 11-15 This exhibit is great for this age group especially if they are interested in observing manatees or learning more about them.
ages 16-adult Most adults really like this exhibit.
senior citizens Most seniors really like this exhibit.

SeaWorld Tip

There is never a wait for Manatees: The Last Generation so visit anytime.