Vacation Rental Safety For Guests And Owners

The current pandemic has shown a large light on cleaning protocols for property management companies and hosts. The Center For Disease Control and Vacation Rental Management Association quickly rolled out required cleaning practices so guests will feel more at ease to travel and stay in vacation homes. Although cleaners should have already been adopting these practices, popular hotel brands like Hilton went above and beyond to set an even higher standard for cleaning. What hotels suffer in is enforcing the social distancing and mask requirements.

Keeping Your Guests Safe in Vacation Homes

Vacation homes have made it easier for guests to vacation with their families. All high touch surfaces have been sanitized and Orlando Vacation home management companies have adopted contactless check-in practices if they weren’t already.


Guests may be denied early check-in and late check out as property managers are trying to allow at least 24 hours in between guests. We have had zero complaints from guests who wanted an early check-in or late check-out once we explain it is for their safety due to COVID-19. While cleaners and property managers are required to wear masks during their visit to the home, it is just an extra precaution for guests to make sure everything is sanitized and resting before resuming contact.

Contactless Check-In/Out

Contactless check-in and check-out not only reduces interaction between staff and guests but also allows the convenience for guests to check-in anytime after 4 PM. We have been contactless since 2006 which even before a pandemic, guests preferred this. It is because most families drive or have evening flights where some guests can’t check in until 10 PM. Most property management companies that still do an office check-in often close the office by 6 PM forcing guests to go to an evening dropbox. Guests are tired and ready to unpack after a long day. It is more appealing for them to just get a key or code right at the home to save them another hour of retrieving a key from a dropbox.

Maintenance Issue

If there is a maintenance issue during the guest stay, all of our staff and outsourced maintenance personnel all wear masks and require our guests to do so as well. If it is an issue that can wait until the guest checks out, we will do repairs upon checkout so guests feel more comfortable.

Your Property Manager

Your property manager should have all of these practices in place. If they don’t, this could be affecting your rentals as guests are looking for super hosts with enhanced cleaning protocols and conveniences. It might be time to look for a property manager ready to tackle a pandemic so you and your guests will feel a little more at ease.

As you can see, we are extremely active with our marketing efforts. We would love to have the opportunity to manage and market your vacation home. Last year, we did not have one vacation home occupied less than 220 nights and our average vacation home was occupied 248 nights annually…that is over 20 nights a month! Check out more of our Orlando Vacation Property Management Tips.

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