Disney fans have been waiting for the latest offering in Disney World and it’s finally here: Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar. This is the perfect spot to meet a client for a drink. The theming is amazing, the drinks are fantastic, and because it’s the newest spot in the World, you’ll show off your total dominance of the Disney market.

Small Plates May Do The Trick

This isn’t the spot you want to visit if you’re looking for a full meal. It’s primarily a place to enjoy a delicious handcrafted specialty drink. However, it does have almost a dozen appetizers on the menu. The plates here are pretty amazing: spicy meatball sliders, “she-deviled eggs,” fried calamari flatbread pizza, and soft pizzas with beer cheese, to name a few. As you can see, it’s a great spot for a quick bite and drinks and there are plenty of options for tastes of all sorts.


No Reservations

Disney created this spot to be a drop-in watering hole – not a formal dining spot. As a result, they don’t accept reservations. You can expect the bar to be full for its first few months after opening, but you can access a “virtual queue.” It assigns you a place in line and provides an estimated wait time. You can then enjoy Disney Springs and come back when you get the text saying your spot is open. There’s enough to see in Disney Springs that you should be able to keep your client’s occupied!

Bigger Than It Looks

If you just wanted by the Hangar Bar you may think it’s pretty small. In fact, it’s actually rather large! There’s a plenty spacious dining room, a huge bar, and tons of booths. There’s even an outdoor dining spot, for perfect-weather days, and it has its own bar. The interior is two stories high, which allows for even more seating.



Business travelers looking for an adults-only spot to take their clients should keep looking. While there’s plenty of adult beverages, remember that basically everything on Disney property is going to be family-friendly – and this spot is no exception. Most of the appetizers are more adult-oriented, but the theming is 100%, Indiana Jones. As newer movies come out, expect more and more kids to want to check in to see the theming on its own.

There are plenty of spots for dinner in Disney Springs, but Hagar Bar brings a unique take on a meeting spot for shorter, app-based meals and a few drinks with a client. The central location makes it easy for them to take a few minutes out of their day to meet with you. It’s a win-win for everyone involved!