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Islands of Adventure – Pteranodon Flyers

Islands of Adventure – Pteranodon Flyers

Riders will feel like they’ve been snatched off the ground by a flying pteranodon as they soar through the air and take an all-too-quick tour of the Jurassic Park area. This 75 second ride can generate lines up to two hours on busy days. Adults are not allowed to ride Pteranodon Flyers unless they are accompanying a small child.

There is no height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Even if they are tall enough, young children may be intimidated by the heights.
ages 5-10 Kids are immediately drawn to the visually attraction Pteranodon Flyers, much to their parents annoyance since the lines are so long.
ages 11-15 While enjoyable, most pre-teens and teens do not think Pterandon Flyers is never worth the lengthy wait.
ages 16-adult Some adults are drawn to the visually appealing Pteranadon Flyers, but the attraction requires all adults to ride with a child and is never worth the lengthy waits it receives.
senior citizens While beautifully landscaped and themed Pteranodon Flyers is never worth the lengthy waits it receives.

Universal Studios Orlando Tip

Pteranodon Flyers attracts some of the longest lines in the park and must be visited as soon as it is opens.

Universal Studios Orlando Fact

Originally all guests could ride Pteranodon Flyers, but there were so many complaints about how short the ride was after the hours spent in line that now adults can only ride if they are accompanying children.