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Islands of Adventure – Dueling Dragons

This roller coaster is of an inverted type, which means that cars are suspended from an overhead track and are designed so that riders feet dangle from the seats. Dueling Dragons is the world’s only dueling inverted roller coaster, involving two tracks that intertwine creating the excitement of near collisions. Guests to Dueling Dragons start their journey inside the stone castle, where a lengthy queue reveals the story of two ferocious dragons who destroyed the countryside. One of them was a fire dragon, the other was an ice dragon and evidence of the destruction is seen all through the line which gets progressively creepier and more claustrophobic as guests travel through. Upon reaching the station, riders have the opportunity to “choose thy fate” between the fire dragon and the ice dragon. The fire dragon features a lot of quick turns and a special camel back element which gives a sensation of weightlessness. Ice dragon features more sweeping turns and broad movements as well as a zero g roll. Both tracks also feature at least one loop and one flatspin (a.k.a corkscrew). Once you’ve experience one dragon, experience the other to compare the differences. At the exit of the attraction there is often a re-entry line open so that you can skip over the long walk through the queue. Those used to Disney roller coaster should note that this is a real coaster that is signifcantly more intense and certainly not for the faint of heart.

There is a 54″ height requirement for this ride.

Age: Attraction Review:
ages 2-4 Not tall enough to meet the height requirement
ages 5-10 Most kids would be terrified by the highly intense roller coaster. Only attempt Dueling Dragons if your child is truly fearless.
ages 11-15 Roller coaster fans consider this to be on the of the best rides in the park.
ages 16-adult Roller coaster fans consider this to be on the of the best rides in the park.
senior citizens The high intensity of this coaster is too much for many seniors.

Universal Studios Orlando Tip

Visit Dueling Dragons before 12:00 p.m or after 4:00 p.m for the shortest lines.

Universal Studios Orlando Facts

Dueling Dragons soars up 125 feet in the air and travels at speeds of 55 miles per hour.

The first room of the Dueling Dragons line contains stained glass panels that magically transform to tell the story of the two dragons. You may want to stand for a few minutes to watch the presentation.